I have a busy day ahead. I must first shower, then shop. After all, I can’t let a 10% Tuesday go by without purchasing my groceries for the month! This time, though, I must hurry through the store so I can spend more time with my good friend and rampage buddy. We haven’t seen each other since November’s Craft Sale adventure! Who knows what our time together will bring? Usually it is a cheap breakfast, but today it will probably be more like brunch. Then off to parts unknown. Perhaps the Art Gallery or Museum. Maybe we’ll take in a movie & take advantage of the Tuesday special – movie & popcorn & a drink all for the low price of admittance. Or maybe we’ll just sit in the restaurant drinking coffee (or tea) and catching up on all that has happened in the last couple of months. Since I had filled in for someone at work full time before Christmas, we’ve only shared the briefest of emails. 

So much for getting any writing done. Maybe tomorrow…


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