In retrospect

I suppose, looking at the picture I chose as my profile, it seems really weird & creepy. It is, however, a reference to one of my books. In the beginning of ‘Withershins’, Michelle is at St. Andrew’s Church on the Red, wandering through the graveyard, looking at gravestones as research for a history assignment. She comes across a small sarcophagus with the inscription: “Archdeacon Cochrane. Died October 1, 1865. Aged seventy years.” The picture is that same sarcophagus. I took a picture of it last fall (2011) as a picture series to illustrate Michelle’s story. It was supposed to accompany me to Kenora when I attended their Word On The Water writer’s festival, but I was unable to complete the picture-taking because of construction on the highway just outside of the Lower Fort Garry Historical Site. It was impossible to get past it, so that part will have to wait until spring. I will try to post some of those pictures when the series is complete. Once it’s finished, I will see if I can’t turn it into a slideshow that I can use for school visits.


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