I must be one of the top 10 procrastinators of all time. I resolved to do more writing in this new year but the writing I should be doing most has been put on the back burner – again. The new year is already a week old and I haven’t even LOOKED at the research for my next book, let alone added anything to what I have written. Monday was spent with hubby, since it was his last day of holidays. I went out with a friend on Tuesday, spent Wednesday & Thursday doing laundry, dishes, tidying and catching up on a little TV-watching, but no writing except for these blogs. To top it all off, I am meeting a friend for brunch today. On the weekend I have grand plans to finally take down the Christmas tree & put away my collection of snowmen (although since it’s still winter, they might very well stay sitting on my hearth until all the snow melts!) Public schools resume on Monday and, if I’m lucky, no one will beg me to sub for them, so I might actually get around to cracking open those history books on Louis Riel. Maybe I will get the timeline of events finished by Thursday, which is my last day before I take over for a friend at work until the 24th of January. This need for a paycheck definitely interferes with the time I can spend writing, but so does all those other little things in my life like friends, shopping and scrapbooking! I almost wish my kids were little again, because that’s when I got most of my writing done. Then again, I wasn’t working, either! (sigh!) I wish I could afford to retire, but I am sure I’d still find some other activity to do besides wrack my brains for the next chapter of my new novel.