Heavy eyelids

Man! It’s been one of those day where it’s been non-stop. The moment I sit for any length of time, the eyelids start to droop. I couldn’t make it through one of our recorded one-hour shows without dozing off. Next thing I know, it’s nine o’clock, hubby has gone to play on-line poker in the basement & the cat is snoring beside me! Who can think straight after that? It’ll probably be like this for the next couple of weeks. As much as I love the work I do, it can be quite exhausting! It amazes me that some people can work two jobs, raise kids, do housework & still find time to write each day! Where do they find the energy?

My friend’s latest blog on Leading A Healthy Life was about goal-setting rather than your usual New Year’s Resolutions. I think I have to sit down and set some goals for myself, this year. The most important will be to finish my next novel, but first, the research needs to be done. I have to make sure I spend a few hours each weekend doing just that. On my days off, I need to get down to the Archives and dig a little deeper. Once the Riel timeline is done, then I will have to spend a few hours each weekend (and on my days off) intersecting points of the timeline with my character until the story has been written.

On top of all that, I have about eighty birthday/anniversary cards for family & close friends, not to mention about fifty Christmas cards to make in one year. So, I suppose another goal will be to make 3-5 cards every weekend and at least on on each day off. I’ll also have to work in a few scrapbooking workshops to make the pages I want for my kids’ scrapbooks.

And I still need to take down the Christmas tree!

Well, at least my goals have been set and made public for all to see, so you can bug me about whether I’m actually accomplishing them, if you like. I’ll probably make sure I mention how well I’m doing – or not – in this blog. Feel free to chastise me if I’m falling behind!


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