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Blake's 7 cast

Something you may not know is why I began writing in the first place. As much as I had enjoyed creative writing in high school, it had never been a serious career choice. When my husband and I started watching a British sci-fi series called Blake’s 7, we were hooked. Sure, it was a hokey ’70s show with lame special effects, but I really liked the stories and the adventure. When the series ended after the fourth season, the final episode showed the entire crew being gunned down, apparently killed. I hated it! I am a firm believer in the ‘happy ending’ and that series blew that to kingdom-come. After several sleepless nights following the viewing of that last episode, I finally came up with a satisfying scenario and wrote it down. While it helped me sleep at night, I knew nothing much would come of it, so I took the characters I had created, placed them in a similar situation and wrote a novel-length story based on my creations, not the Blake’s 7 characters. Then I joined the Manitoba Writer’s Guild. One of the first of their newsletters that I read included a call for submissions of stories based on British sci-fi series including Blake’s 7. I dusted off my original story idea and submitted it. I won first prize for the contest and my story was included in a compilation of fan fiction called ‘Badlands’ published by a local woman who belonged to a science fiction club called Tardis 204. The group was a fan of Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and Blake’s 7, among other British series. There were several more issues of ‘Badlands’ and I sent in more stories related to the first one until there was enough material for a short novel. I decided to include a page of my blog dedicated to my fan fiction and I will start with my Blake’s 7 stories for your enjoyment. The picture above shows the final cast so you have an idea about the characters. From left to right: Soolin, Dayna, Avon, Vila and Tarrant. The clear box in front of them is ORAC, a sophisticated computer that can do just about anything. I’ll start with the first chapter of the novel and will post another chapter later this week. Enjoy!

3 comments on “Fan Fiction

  1. Never got into Blake’s seven because at the time I had to work nights so my kidlets were looked after by the hubby. Love, love Dr Who though. Interesting to read your background.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Diane. I, too, love Dr. Who and think the newest series has been remarkably well-done, although I still like the old episodes, too. My husband and I have also enjoyed the cheeky humour of Red Dwarf. As a result, I actually joined the Tardis 204 sci-fi group for awhile & was editor of their quarterly newsletter until the group disbanded due to lack of interest. I would still love to get my hands on a set of Blake’s 7 DVDs, but I don’t think they are available in Canada, yet.

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