It was supposed to be a very hectic week with working every day, dinner out on Tuesday, a scrap-booking adventure on Wednesday evening and I had plans to post some of my short stories for you to read. Unfortunately, except for work, nothing else got done. I had a splitting headache after work on Tuesday so bowed out of the dinner. Wednesday, the cold was too much for my car & I could not get it started after work, so I walked home (it’s not that far if you dress for the weather), then had to wait around for the hubby to get home so we could go give it a boost. By the time all that was done, it was too late to head out for my scrapbook class – and I was afraid once I got there, my car would crap out on me and I wouldn’t get home! As for my short stories, the ones I wanted to post could not be recognized by my MAC because they were either in Word Perfect format or just too old of a version of Windows for it to read. This weekend I will have to use the old computer to convert some of the files so they will work on my MAC or maybe I will have to post them straight from the old computer instead. All in all, it’s been rather frustrating. Hope the weekend goes better!

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