There’s been a lot of ‘buzz’, these days, about the weird noises being heard all over the place. I hadn’t given it much thought until this morning. Our cat disturbed my early morning slumber to be cuddled & fed, so I had the opportunity of sitting quietly with him on my lap. No one else was up, yet. The furnace fan hadn’t kicked in, or the refrigerator motor, so the only sound inside the house was the steady tick-tock of the mantle clock. Outside, though, was a completely different story. I could hear a pretty steady hum that didn’t seem to be coming from traffic on the nearby main street or airplanes flying by on their way to the airport. I did hear a distant train whistle but did not hear the rumble of steel wheels on a track. The only way I could describe this sound was that it was very much like the steady drone of bees in a hive.

I can’t say that I attribute the constant hum to be coming from alien spacecraft hovering overhead, as some have claimed, but it is a sound that I cannot fully explain. Perhaps, like the bee hive, a city is constantly active with one kind of vehicle or another that all contribute to the overall buzz. Perhaps it is electricity running through power lines and generators all over the city so one cannot exactly pinpoint where the sound is coming from. I did notice, however, that the sound seemed to grow in intensity as the sun rose higher in the sky. Is there a celestial correlation to the sound or merely the simple fact that more people are up and about so, hence, more noise? I can’t explain it satisfactorily. Maybe, one day, someone will figure it out.

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