The Girl In The Clock

I added another page to my blog so I could share with you some of the short stories I wrote for my daughter’s third grade class. She had mentioned to her teacher that I was a writer. One day while I was volunteering at the school, her teacher asked if I had written anything for children. Up to that point, I hadn’t, but she got me thinking about it. I read a few of my daughter’s ‘Goose Bumps’ books, that she had abandoned because she said ‘they all started sounding the same’. I thought to myself, ‘I could do this’, so I spent several days trying to figure out what I would write about. One night, I had a dream set at the beach where I spent a good portion of my summers growing up and part of that dream involved a clock tower and the ghost of a young girl. That’s where the idea for ‘The Girl In The Clock’ came from and it developed from there. Hope you enjoy it.


Hello, folks! A friend advised me that if I mention someone’s work in a blog that I should add the link. This was something I meant to do yesterday but it was late and I wasn’t thinking clearly. So for anyone interested in checking out Raging Gail or Red Jenny and the Pirates of Buffalo I am adding the link in the Blogroll below. Once you’re at the Raging Gail site, you can easily find the Red Jenny story. Happy reading!

Cough continued

Another day of hacking coughs and very little action. I did manage to get through the last of the ten episodes of Sanctuary that I PVRd over the holidays. I read some blogs and got hooked on a story ‘Red Jenny and the Pirates of Buffalo’ by James Ryan who also wrote Raging Gail. I read the first twelve chapters and really like the edgy writing set in a futuristic world. If my eyes didn’t give out on me, I would have kept reading. You might want to check out her site. I hope I will feel well enough tomorrow to continue reading and maybe get some writing done of my own. In the meantime, happy blogging, everyone!