Cough continued

Another day of hacking coughs and very little action. I did manage to get through the last of the ten episodes of Sanctuary that I PVRd over the holidays. I read some blogs and got hooked on a story ‘Red Jenny and the Pirates of Buffalo’ by James Ryan who also wrote Raging Gail. I read the first twelve chapters and really like the edgy writing set in a futuristic world. If my eyes didn’t give out on me, I would have kept reading. You might want to check out her site. I hope I will feel well enough tomorrow to continue reading and maybe get some writing done of my own. In the meantime, happy blogging, everyone!


4 comments on “Cough continued

  1. Thank you for the mention. I do hope you enjoy the works.

    And I can fully sympathize with where you are right now; coincidentally, I’m also badly stuffed with head clog. If you figure out something that helps, let me know; so far, citron tea, regular tea, coffee, and chicken soup have not been of much help, and until I see the doctor later on I’m hesitant to up the game with a rum and coke…

    • I hope you feel better, too. Perhaps a little brandy in your tea might help? Actually, I try that when I start to feel like I’m getting a cold & it usually does the trick. I had thought I was avoiding the germs, this time around, but they snuck up on me and are now fully entrenched in my chest. Maybe it was from walking in the bitter cold last week when my car wouldn’t start.

      Anyway, I hope more people will enjoy your pirate stories. 🙂

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