The Girl In The Clock

I added another page to my blog so I could share with you some of the short stories I wrote for my daughter’s third grade class. She had mentioned to her teacher that I was a writer. One day while I was volunteering at the school, her teacher asked if I had written anything for children. Up to that point, I hadn’t, but she got me thinking about it. I read a few of my daughter’s ‘Goose Bumps’ books, that she had abandoned because she said ‘they all started sounding the same’. I thought to myself, ‘I could do this’, so I spent several days trying to figure out what I would write about. One night, I had a dream set at the beach where I spent a good portion of my summers growing up and part of that dream involved a clock tower and the ghost of a young girl. That’s where the idea for ‘The Girl In The Clock’ came from and it developed from there. Hope you enjoy it.

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