Something new – YAmore Blogfest

Something new I just came across is ‘That’s YAmore Blogfest’. Starting today, this site is inviting YA writers to post ‘250 romantic, swoon-worthy words’ from their YA story. You will notice that, below the link picture, I have added a segment from ‘Spirit Quest’.

As the storm blasted away, the rain coursed off the waterproofed hide, pooling around the outer edges until water began seeping through cracks where the hides did not seal off the ground. A rivulet found the bareness of my leg, causing me to shiver.

Bear swivelled around so that we were practically nose-to-nose.

“Come closer. I’ll keep you warm.”

“I’ll bet you will,” I retorted, biting my lip when I felt him recoil. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled-for.”

Trying not to bump my arm, I wiggled over to him. I heard Bear adjust his body to snuggle up to me. As self-conscious as I felt about Bear’s proximity, I consoled myself by saying it was necessary, that people had to do things in extreme circumstances and these were certainly extreme. Soon, the heat from his body penetrated the chill of my bones, until bubbles of perspiration beaded up on my skin.

It didn’t help that Bear had taken it upon himself to wipe the sweat off me. His touch was as electrifying as the lightning that flashed down from the sky, causing tiny tingles to run the length of my spine. He blew gently, cooling my skin, alerting every nerve ending in my body. I was glad it was too dark for him to see my face. I felt as though I must be blushing from the tip of my nose to the ends of my toes.

“You can stop now,” I said. “I’m not scared anymore.”

“Just let me hold you,” he said. “I promise to do nothing more.”

“All right,” I agreed and nestled into the crook of his arm.

I soon relaxed, finding comfort in Bear’s embrace.


24 comments on “Something new – YAmore Blogfest

    • Thanks for dropping by mywithershins, Larissa. I thought I’d return the favour and I’m glad I did, but had trouble posting a comment on your site. I liked the scene you posted. It was very sweet, well played, and brings me back a few decades!

  1. Sweet and tender 😀 Thanks for sharing! I love blog hopping for That´s YAmore, so many swoon-worthy moments to read!
    Oh and I´m in your YA All Genres group in the Platform-Building Campaign 😀

    • I’m glad you stopped by! To answer your question, Michelle knows she won’t be there very much longer and despite how she is beginning to feel about him, she is afraid of letting her emotions get the better of her. She’s afraid she won’t want to leave him when the time comes, that her ‘destiny’ will not be fulfilled if she doesn’t leave. 🙂

    • Hi, Patricia! Thanks for dropping by. I checked out your site on the weekend but was having trouble posting comments using my Word Press identity. I have since given up and I’m using my old Blogpost ID, Humpty Dumpty whenever I want to make a comment on Blopost sites. It does tend to confuse people, though. Happy blogging and thanks for the kind words.

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