Late last night I was catching up on all the blogs in my mailbox that I am following and read something that totally amazed me. I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger and the Versatile Blogger Awards! I am so chuffed! Thanks to fellow blogger eternal Domnation for nominating me.

Now, from what I understand, I am supposed to thank the person who nominated me (check!), drag the pics of the awards to my site (check!), share 10 random facts about me (will do!) and nominate other blogs I find worthy (that will be hard because there are so many!)

Ok, here are the facts most people, not even close friends, might not know about me:

1. I am a TV star! Well, I was for one brief week back in 1962 when I was on the Canadian kids show Romper Room. I don’t remember much about it except for movie clips my Dad took from off-stage and comments Mom made about my performance. I was apparently quite precocious, telling Miss Whoever-it-was-that week that everything she talked about I had done or had in my possession.

2. When I was 12, I had an operation to shave off a few centimeters from a bone overgrowth on my right foot. Now, that might seem like a senseless operation, but for me it was a painful growth that made it difficult to find shoes that didn’t rub or hurt. Since they peeled back the skin to perform the operation, I now have no nerve endings to be affected by shoes anymore.

3. That same year, I wore braces to pull down my vampire-like eye teeth that grew above and in front of my other teeth. To look at me today, you would never know I had braces because the orthodontist back then left one of my front teeth crooked. He said there would not be room for my wisdom teeth to come in if he straightened it and he didn’t want to remove any more of my permanent teeth.

4. I nearly broke my nose playing catch with my best friend. I had such horrible eye-hand coordination that I thought I needed to jump up to catch the hard ball she threw at me. I caught it all right – right between the eyes!

5. I fell on my head when I was about nine. (Many friends say that explains a lot!) I was hanging upside down from the monkey bar on our swing set when I must have hit a nerve in the back of my knees. Both knees suddenly straightened and down I came. Bam! It took months of Chiropractic manipulation to get the bones back in place. As an older adult, my back always seems to hurt in some degree or another. Now, I cringe when I see kids in the playground hanging upside down.

6. I have a fear of ladders. It isn’t the superstitious kind of fear about walking under a ladder. This is a fear of climbing DOWN a ladder. Going up is fine. I think it’s a combination of looking down from a great height, which always makes me dizzy, and the fact that my hips don’t seem to work right (probably from my fall, mentioned above). My worst case of ladder phobia came while my husband and I were honeymooning in Hawaii. We were exploring the underground bunkers in Diamond Head. The last one ended with a ladder going up to the top of the crater. I hesitated, but went up and I’m glad I did because the view from up there is breathtaking. The problem arose as I looked down at our only way back to our car – the rickety (to me) old iron ladder. Hubby had to literally take my foot and place it on each rung in order to get me down. Phew!

7. In my early twenties, I had a real hang-up about looking so young for my age that I blew it when I went for a job interview. I blurted out that I’d had trouble in the past from people not taking me seriously because I looked about thirteen. The stunned looks on the interviewers’ faces let me know the error of my words. Oh, well, I didn’t want the job that much anyway!

8. I hate working retail. As a teen, I worked part-time in a Crafts Store and spent two summers working at the grocery store near the cottage. I’d have nightmares where I was working alone and couldn’t lock up the store at the end of the night because customers kept coming into the shop. I’d wake up suddenly and find myself sitting upright in bed, physically serving customers in my sleep! Since working with kids, I haven’t had any nightmares like that. I do have my non-verbal students speak to me in my dreams and the wheelchair-bound ones up and walking. Now THOSE dreams I LIKE!

9. I never had any cravings while pregnant. The ONE time I brought a pickle to work, everyone made a big deal out of it. My first pregnancy, though, I could eat anything – even soft-shelled tacos, which I LOVED. Second time around, everything seemed to bother me. Maybe it was because my son had a lot more hair at birth than my daughter.

10. Hmmm, I’m running out of secrets. This isn’t really a secret, but probably something my blogging followers don’t know. I am a magpie. I LOVE shiny things. I think I inherited this quality from my Mom because she had a large selection of shiny costume jewelry, which I inherited as well. I did give family members the chance to pick out their favourite pieces, but I ended up with the majority of it, much to my delight.

Now that that’s done, I will mention some of my favourite bloggers and nominate them for these prestigious awards. Some worthy bloggers have recently won them (C. B. Wentworth, wantoncreation, amyoung, Roshrulez Weblog, The Dreamweaver’s Cottage, Thypolar’s Life, ) so check them out too. Here are my nominees:

The Literary Mom


Tim Kane Books

Essi Tolling


There are many others out there who have wonderful blogs. I will be sure to mention you all at some point in the future. Thanks again, eternal Domnation for nominating me. Happy blogging, everyone!


17 comments on “Thanks!

  1. You list is so much fun! I wore braces for four years and worked retail for almost 10. Both of those life moments remind me things could always be worse when I’m having a bad day. 😉

    Congrats on your blog awards – you deserve them!

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your nominations and thanks so much for nominating me. I’m very new to the whole blogging phenomenon (for instance, I have no idea how to create photo image for my comments). Really enjoy your posts and am looking forward to reading Withershins! Best wishes, Essi.

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