Kick The Can

Kick The Can was one of my favourite games growing up. We had a five-yard playing area and all the kids on the block would participate. For those of you who have never played it, here’s kind of how it worked: Of course, someone was IT. An empty can was placed in the middle of the yard in plain sight. The other players scattered, while IT counted, usually to one hundred. The rules were kind of like Hide-And-Seek. IT would spot someone and call, “One, two, three on (So-and-so), then race back to touch the can. Those who were caught would have to sit on the front steps until a fellow player snuck up behind IT, kicked the can as far as they could, and ALL the players would scatter, again. If no one was able to free the other players, the person who was caught first would become IT.

What has that to do with anything, you might ask? Well, it’s a game I played when I was younger (and fitter). Another game we used to play was TAG. It seems that TAG is a game that no one outgrows, since I was tagged three times, yesterday! Sorry, I wasn’t able to play before this as I was out most of yesterday and by the time I read my messages, it was late and my brain was too fried to think of how to answer all those questions, let alone think of new ones and to whom to send them.

So, without further ado, here is my response to C. B. Wentworth‘s questions:

1) What book have you always wanted to read, but still haven’t gotten around to it?

Lord of the Rings. I read The Hobbit years ago, bought the series, but never actually sat down to read them (I know, that’s shameful!)

2) What classic book do you feel is overrated? Why?

Don Quiote. I really tried to read it but lost interest pretty quickly.

3) What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?  Least favorite?

My favourite is the most recent version of C. S. Lewis’ ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’. Least favourite would probably be the movie based on Frank Hubert’s ‘Dune’. They tried to fit too much into too short of a time. The series was able to fit more in, although I wasn’t crazy about that, either.

4) Where is your favorite place to write?

I used to use the old computer downstairs until it crashed and hasn’t been fixed or upgraded. It was a great space to write with no distractions. All my resources were there for research, which was convenient. Since the decline of that computer, I have taken over that space with my crafting supplies, so I can’t write there any more. I now have a laptop that I can take anywhere, but haven’t found a really good spot other than in my big comfy recliner. If I am doing research, I will use the huge antique dining table where I can spread out all my resources. The only problem with that is when company comes and I have to pack everything up and put it away! I might try taking it to a coffee house and see how I like that setting.

5) Pen or pencil?

Pencil. I like being able to erase my mistakes (because I make a LOT of them!)

6) What was your favorite toy as a child?

A stuffed donkey. I carried it everywhere with me.

7) What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Besides raising my two wonderful young adult children, getting published. 🙂

8) If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?

The ability to clean my house in the blink of an eye!

9) What are five songs you hate to admit you love?

Close To You by the Carpenters, anything by John Denver or Barry Manilow.

10) Where is your dream destination, (or place you’ve always wanted to go)?

There are so many places I want to go. One of them is Australia. A friend lived in Waroonga, New South Wales. I love the sound of that name and want to visit more places that sound like that! I also like a lot of TV series (Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Sea Patrol) and I’d like to see some of the places where the shows were set.

11) What are the top five things on your bucket list?

Most of my bucket list involves travel. I wish I could afford to do all of these things:

1. Visit my distant cousins in Britain and then go to Stonehendge, while we’re there

2. Visit my hubby’s cousins in France who own a winery and while we’re in the neighbourhood, I’d like to see the Eiffel Tower

3. See the pyramids and Sphynx up close.

4. See the heads on Easter Island.

5. Take a train trip through Europe and see a lot of castles.

Now, let’s answer Sarah Robertson‘s questions:

1) What do you like to eat for breakfast? 

When I am working, I will usually have orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit, usually bananas. On weekends, I’ll make bacon & eggs or pancakes.

2) Shakespeare: yay or nay?


3) Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

4) What is your favorite thing to write about? 

I don’t have a favourite. I like to write SciFi, Fantasy, time travel – I like the opportunity to create my own worlds, or walk my character through historical places.

5) Choice of the century: cake or pie? 


6) Got any non-writing hobbies?

I like scrapbooking, either cards or pages

7) If you had a theme song, what would it be?

I have no idea. I racked my brain, trying to think of a song that would suit me, but came up blank

8) What’s your favorite writing snack?

I rarely eat while I am writing. I usually write until my stomach growls, then I’ll go to the fridge. I’ll eat away from the computer and come back to it when I’m finished. I will have a cup of tea or coffee or water within reach, though.

9) Do you have any pets?

I inherited my daughter’s Polydactyl (six-toed) Tuxedo cat when she moved out because she couldn’t take him with her due to medical reasons. I feel a little like Hemmingway, with my six-toed cat!

10) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

A quaint little cottage in Britain with a beautiful garden – but I would have to be able to hire a gardener as I have a brown thumb!

11) Got any book recommendations?

Anything by Anne McCaffrey or Clive Cussler, but my favourite of all time was ‘Shogun’ by James Clavell.

And finally (whew!) those questions posed by WChaser:

1.  If you could be any fictional baddie who would you be and why?

It’s really hard to imagine myself as a bad person. I rarely even raise my voice or get angry so to imagine me doing anything as bad as a fictional villain is too foreign to me.

2. If you could go back in time and stop someone being born who would it be?

The obvious choice would be Hitler, but I’ve read about all the horrible experiments that Mengela did, so I think the world would be better if he’d never been born.

3. When do you get your most inspirational ideas?

In that moment just before I wake up.

4.  If you had to live without either books or music, which would it be?

Stories can be told without books, so I guess I could live without them. Music, on the other hand, is the universal language. It is a way for me to connect with many of my special needs students.

5.  Who provides the most encouragement for your writing?

My family

6.  If you could have one wish, what would it be?

It would have been nice for my parents to have lived long enough to meet my daughter’s son, so I think my wish would be to live long enough to see my first grandchild born.

7.  Do you remember your dreams and do they influence your writing?

All the time and yes! Many of my stories started off as a dream segment.

8.  What word do you frequently misspell?

One of those ‘i’ before ‘e’ words that has the ‘e’ first, like ‘receive’. When spell check underlines it as a mistake, then I remember to reverse the letters.

9.  How much influence in your writing do you take from other people’s opinions?

I take criticism from my writer’s group very seriously and will often listen to their advice because I trust their judgment.

10. If there is one book you wish you’d written, what is it?

Harry Potter, because it became such an overnight success!

11. Starter or Dessert?

If I’m at a restaurant, I will usually share an appetizer, but then not have room for dessert. At home, I definitely leave room for dessert!

Now is the time when I have to TAG somebody and pose another 11 questions. I tried to pick people from my Campaign that did not seem to have been tagged yet, so here they are:

The Literary Mom

Arresting Developments

Callie Kingston

Jon Yang

Skin and Paper


Journey in Writing

Weaving Colors

Seventh Story Studios

I hope they want to play. Check out their blogs to see if they answered the following questions:

1. What was your favourite book you had to read in school (if you had one)? Least favourite?

2. If you could be any animal on Earth or from a fictional world, what would it be?

3. Who is your favourite villain? Why?

4. What genres do you write? Do you have a favourite?

5. Have you ever taken part in NaNoWriMo? Why or why not?

6. Have you ever written fan fiction? Why or why not?

7. What was the first story you ever wrote? Please describe it in a sentence or two.

8. How long have you been writing?

9. Why did you start blogging?

10. If you could get writing advice from anyone, past or present,who would you ask?

11. What is your favourite food? Least favourite?

All right then, everybody! The ball’s in your court, so to speak!

13 comments on “Kick The Can

  1. Woo! Loved to see your answers to my questions! 🙂 You have a fabulous approach to writing snacks–wish I had that amount of self control. Haha, I’m definitely a muncher though. And, of course, thanks for the book recommendations.

    • You’re welcome! My approach to snacks has nothing to do with self control. I just don’t like eating around my computer because I’m pretty clumsy and I’m afraid of spilling something all over my laptop! 🙂

  2. Chocolate is a wonderful guilty pleasure to have 😀 Those games are really fun and it helps to “know” the person on the other side of the screen 😀 *waves*

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