Leap Year Day

Happy Leap Year Day to you all, especially those who might be celebrating this once-in-four-years birthday! 🙂

I have learned from several sources that it is good to be consistent when blogging, so I think I will try to make Wednesdays my crafty-post-day, or maybe every second Wednesday, depending on how many crafty things I get down during the week. Last Wednesday, I attended a scrapbook class where we created a two-page layout from the Close To My Heart Workshop-On-The-Go entitled Roxie.

For these classes, our instructor and CTMH rep, Colette Dunlop, creates a layout that is different from those in the WOTG booklet and shows us how to do it. Usually, she uses one of the pop-up or pocket designs from the Magic book by Jeannette R. Lynton. Here is the two-page Roxie layout that we did:

left-hand page

right-hand page







There should be more pictures on the pages, but I don’t have any printed out, yet. Nevertheless, you should be able to get the idea. You will notice the picture on the right-hand page has a little clip at the top of it. This is the ‘pull’ feature. Just look what happens when you pull it:


See how it folds up? Beneath the picture is a place for journalling. I will eventually write out that the grandson is four months in the photo and is teething. That’s why he has his fist in his mouth!



If you scroll back to the left-hand page of the layout, you will notice a paper rosette. These were rather tricky to make. (Yes, make!) They started out as curly pieces cut with a Cricut* machine. (The top piece shown here)

Anyway, we first ‘distressed’ (brushed on ink with a sponge) the edges. Next, we curled the petal edges and began to roll up the curly piece from the small end to the middle. Believe me, it’s not easy to do without ripping the cardstock! To hold it together, we used ‘Glue Dots’ (double-sided sticky bits) on the centre part and stuck the curled-up part to it. Does that make any sense? It’s hard to explain when you can’t actually see it being done. Maybe someone will take a video of me doing it so you can see the process better. The roses end up being rather bulky, though, so I doubt I will use these on my scrapbook pages. The one that’s on the page hasn’t actually been permanently stuck to it, yet.

*For those of you who have never heard of a Cricut, it is basically a die-cut machine. It uses special cartridges that instruct its cutting blade how to cut out the designs. It’s a really cool device but rather expensive. I have to rely on my sisters-in-law to provide me with the necessary die-cuts, whenever we get together for scrapbooking. At this point I want to give those ladies a shout-out: I have the greatest in-laws in the world! I love them all to pieces. 🙂

For future reference, I will include the pictures of my Roxie layouts on my crafty page.

Hope you enjoyed my Crafty Wednesday post. 🙂


6 comments on “Leap Year Day

  1. That flower is beautiful! 🙂

    I learned how to make a layered, multi-petaled flower a few weeks ago and I just love the effect. We made them out of pages from an old book and then grouped them together in the corner of a page. Its so pretty! 🙂

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