Proud Mom

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post was what my son did for me for my birthday. I had intended to add this into the post and I’m kicking myself for forgetting. How can a mother forget such a thoughtful gift from her son? (Bad Mom!) Anyway, he is a talented artist who underestimates his ability. I do praise his work, but I think he just writes it off as something a mother says whether it’s true or not. Well, you can be the judges once I show you what he digitally drew for me. It is an original piece based on my love for fantasy. He gave me permission to post it, so please respect his artistic license and do not copy or repost without giving him credit. And now, the big reveal:

Hope you all like it as much as I do!

13 comments on “Proud Mom

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous,the colour particularly is amazing and that poor little guy hanging on to the leg there, I particularly like the tiny detail of the figures on the cliff top and the tiny sparkles it is really wonderful, no wonder you’re proud of him.

    • He will be pleased to read your comments. Thanks, Diane! Yeah, that little guy that has the dragon by the foot actually looks like my son, although he insists he didn’t plan it that way! 🙂

    • Sounds like you’re a ‘proud Mom’, too! I hope she never stops loving to draw. I used to doodle a lot as a kid and could draw a horse that looked like a horse, but did not have the talent or patience to pursue it further. I am glad to see my son can do so much more than I ever could! 🙂

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