The past couple of weeks have been phenomenal. The weather has been absolutely incredible. Such a change from our usual March temperatures! We even broke a record on Monday with a high of 24 degrees celsius. That’s like 80 degrees Farenheit! Amazing! As my daughter said last week, I “don’t think I’ve ever been lucky enough to get SUMMER for my birthday”! I feel the same way. My birthday was three days before hers and the weather was marvelous. The gift my daughter gave me for my birthday also started me thinking about spring and summer and how I haven’t really bothered with my ‘garden’ the last couple of years.

I put garden in quotations because I do not have a green thumb, mostly due to my faulty memory – I always forget to water my plants! The best place for us to plant flowers is our front planter, which faces south so the plants get lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, our planter is also under an overhang of our roof, which means they don’t receive any rainfall and any plants I put in there have to rely on me watering them. Fat chance of THAT! In the past, I decided to make a rock garden and have collected a lot of little garden ornaments (no, no gnomes, yet). Instead of real plants, I pick up silk flowers to add a bit of colour. Two years ago, my silk plants were looking pretty faded, so I got rid of them. My daughter’s gift and the beautiful weather inspired me to go out and purchase a new supply of ‘flowers’. While I haven’t ‘planted’ them yet, I did take a picture to share:

The set of three owls with the ‘Welcome’ underneath them is the gift my daughter gave me. She knows how much I like owls so the ornament is perfect. In the background you will see the profusion of colour from the silk flowers I picked up from Walmart. Maybe on the weekend I’ll have the time to set up my garden to show you.

In the meantime, C. B. Wentworth received 2 more Versatile Blogger awards for her blog, (well deserved, I might add, so check out her site!)as well as the Lucky Seven Meme. She has opened it up to whoever is interested in participating, so I thought I’d share a bit from a different piece of mine. This time, I chose 7 lines on page 77 from one of my unpublished novels, Strength of Character:

His voice was barely audible, as though Joel were not in the room.  A distant glaze came to his eyes, which suddenly filled with pain, sadness.  He knocked back the last few ounces of rum in his glass.  Reaching for the bottle, he refilled it.  As he lifted the glass to his face, he stared into it like a mystic into a crystal ball.  As he twisted the glass, light refracted through it, forming rainbows that undulated with each turn.

“When I was about your age,” the captain began, “I ran away from home.  We were poor.  Papa had trouble keeping a steady job and feeding thirteen children, so when I was old enough I left, thinking that it would be easier for the others if papa didn’t have another mouth to feed…

Sorry, it’s not the best bit in the manuscript. Basically, it’s the story of a young man who has experienced great tragedies, culminating in the accidental killing of his boss. Joel goes on the lam, trying to avoid the Belgium police and joins the crew of an old ship that travels the Mediterranean. That’s where he meets the captain. I might post more of this on my Unpublished Work page, if anyone thinks they might like a larger taste of it. Enjoy this lovely spring day! 🙂

12 comments on “Spring!

  1. Lovely cheerful post – just right for Spring. We are lucky here in France, the blossom is on the trees and the birds are busy building their little nurseries. Thanks for this – Diane

  2. Not the best bit? You’ve got to be kidding! I was instantly sucked in by these few lines and they have made me infinitely curious of what else you have hiding up your sleeve. 🙂

    Thanks for playing!

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