Crafty Wednesday

Sorry! I almost forgot today was Wednesday! For those who were looking forward to a crafty post I want to share the cards I created using the embroidery talents of my friend. I didn’t want to show them before this because I was giving them to her for her birthday and didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Here they are:

I ordered the set of cards from Stampin’ Up and they came with a make-it-yourself box (above)

I added paper ‘peacock feathers’ to these two turquoise cards, along with bejewelled embellishments. I liked the frilly pattern along the top edge and think K’s heart cross-stitching went well with the background.

These peachy cards had a pre-stamped circle pattern on them. I added a frame of green to one of the cards and was able to find three tiny buttons to embellish one edge, along with peach-coloured embroidery thread tied in a bow and mini-jewels along the top edge. I added poppy-patterned paper (say that 5 times fast!) to the other and ‘dandelion fluff’, which was first stamped in brown with a dusting of silver paint over it.

These green striped cards have been embellished with card stock die-cuts – some that came with the card set (left), & some I punched using SU’s Boho Blossoms punch and stamp set (right). On the left-hand card I added striped ribbon and a flower using ‘Flower Soft‘, as well as red jewels around the frame. On the right, I stamped a swirly pattern with added jewel elements and a paper flower attached with a yellow brad that looks like the flower centre.

Here are a couple more. One is a tongue-in-cheek Christmas card with a sparkly striped frame and paper poinsettia attached with a yellow brad. For the other, I used a sparkly pink flower background with a darker pink frame around the cross-stitched flowers. I used Flower Soft for the flower on the left after stamping the leaf and flower pattern and added s simple white satin ribbon.

I didn’t add any sentiments inside the card, leaving that decision entirely up to her depending on the occasion for which she will be giving them, if she decides to give them to anyone at all! She might just hoard them for herself because she called them ‘works of art’! I blushed a little when she said that because I don’t think they look any better than any other crafter’s creations – and in some cases they don’t come anywhere close to being as beautiful. Then again, she doesn’t consider her embroidery and cross-stitch creations as ‘art’ when I think they are. As they say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I’m just glad she liked them. 🙂

13 comments on “Crafty Wednesday

    • Thanks! Yes, I really love her work and it does add that extra special touch. I tried both needlepoint and embroidery many years ago and enjoyed the work, so you’d think I would have tried cross-stitching at some point, but never did.

  1. they really are beautiful and the lovely thing is that, after the occasion they cuold be framed or used as book markers or whatever. Very clever indeed – I’m far too messy and impatient to do any more than printed ones, mind you I do try to write a little rhyme inside each one. These are truly lovely though – Diane

  2. Those are beautiful!

    I love seeing all the different projects people come up with involving cross stitch, since I do it myself. 🙂

    • I think my friend nearly went cross-eyed working on these, but she sure did a great job! It really made the cards special. You should take pictures of your work and post them. I’d love to see what you do. 🙂

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