Best Australian Blogs Competition

Hello, fellow bloggers! Just a quick post tonight to tell you about an Australian blogging competition. One of the bloggers I follow on a regular basis – wantoncreation – has been nominated and is asking for votes. I’ve done my part by voting and thought some of you out there might like to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about the competition, press here. He will guide you through the simple process and give you a little more info on what it’s all about.

I am never disappointed when I read his blog. His posts range from poetry to book reviews to music to writing and I always learn something new and often get a good chuckle. I’ve nominated him for other awards in the past so I really hope you pop by his site, check out some of his past posts and are inspired to click on the VOTE button. His site is truly awesome!

4 comments on “Best Australian Blogs Competition

  1. What a super blog. I have voted, the content was serious writing stuff and the blogger knows his stuff and anyway the background was straight out of Pratchett, I bet there’s an orang-outang somewhere in that library oook

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