Best Intentions

Today, I thought I could get so much done, but as usual got less finished than I’d hoped. Laundry was first on the list, but the repairman came early to fix my oven – again. This time a fuse needed to be replaced for $70 – without labor. That delayed things a little. I did get one load done and working on a second.

While the washer was running, I thought I could finally unpack my craft things that I took to my sister-in-laws over the weekend. I did get that done. Then I remembered something my sister-in-law had mentioned she should do with her miscellaneous stamps and inks – make a list of all she had. That was my next project. I stamped all the colours of ink that I own onto card stock and labelled them so I’d know exactly what colour would be best with whatever project I was working on.















Next, I stamped a copy of each stamp that didn’t belong to a set onto card stock and categorized them. This will help me when deciding what will be best for the person or event I’m making a card for.

After throwing the first load into the dryer, I went back to my craft room and I looked around. It has become so cluttered with stuff that I could hardly find the floor or the desk, so I went about organizing it. While I can now find my way to the file cabinets and the far end of the desk, I became quite distracted every time I found something that I’d brought back from my parents’ house. I wanted to make sure it was something we could not part with.

There were old photos of my grandmother’s church group. I spent about half an hour seeing if I could spot her in the crowd. She would have been 16 or 17 in the photos. I could not, for the life of me, figure out which one she was. I even got out the picture I have of her in her Scottish Dance outfit when she was about that age and compared faces. I still couldn’t do it. Should I toss it in the scrap heap or ask my aunt, her last remaining daughter, if she wants the photos? Maybe she can find her mom’s face amongst the 40+ others. Maybe Grandma was away the day the photos were taken and she just kept them because they were all her friends.

Next, I found a certificate for my Grandfather’s graduation from technical college. Is that worth keeping? Should my uncle have it? Do any of my cousins or either of my brothers want it? Why, oh why, did I have to be born into a family of pack rats and why have I been afflicted with the same gene?

I look around the room again. Still so much to do! Well, at least I got SOME of it done!

Do you have this much trouble staying focussed on a task, getting distracted by every little thing, or can you get to the task at hand and finish it relatively quickly?

18 comments on “Best Intentions

  1. I handmade a beautiful sign years ago that says, “There better be blood, floor, or fire!” and hang it on my office door and close it. My family knows that “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Once in my office, I light a Yankee tea candle (they burn for six hours) and don’t come out until it goes out of its own accord. Then I sit down to kick butt and take names on whatever project I’m working on 🙂

  2. I was a little surprised that you weren’t planning a lovely craft project with the photographs and stuff. We have old certificates and so on in an album but with your creative talent you could, I’m sure, make a lovely keepsake album. Mind you when you’d get the time I don’t know!!!

    • I probably will end up doing Grandparent albums. I did one for my mom and my dad. I’m still working on my daughter’s wedding album (she got married almost two years ago) and my grandson’s album (he’ll be a year in 2 months). Like you said, when I can find the time! 🙂

  3. I have so much of that kind of inherited treasure in my house I am overwhelmed by it. I also feel guilty because I know I am not storing them in an archival fashion.
    I like the stamp, color display system. It is a good idea. At one point I did organize my different scrapbook papers.– by season into binders with page protectors. That is as far as I got with organizing all my crafting supplies. I have mountains of fabric too. I am going with the phrase “she who dies with the most fabric wins.”!

    • Thanks, Christy! The problem with me is, I DO make lists, but stuff on them often gets preempted when I notice something else that needs doing. Then I’m in the middle of several jobs and don’t know which ones to finish first! I think the problem only gets worse as I get older. 🙂

  4. Ummm… $70 for a fuse for your range? What kind of fuse is that – not one of those glass screw-in types? I used to sell them in my dad’s shop for $0.15. I’m not THAT old yet…!
    Re. throwing things out… Is their anyone in your family interested in family history? They would find both the photos and particularly the certificate very interesting. Barring that, what about the Church your grandmother attended then? They might have an archive that could use the photos.

  5. Unfortunately, the church Gram was affiliated with is being turned into apartments, so I doubt anyone there would want them, since they’re probably getting rid of a lot of stuff, too. As far as the history goes, I think I’m about the only one in the family who is interested, but we’re running out of room!

    My 3 year old oven has more electronic stuff in it than a computer, I think! Everything is on microchip or something. They already had to replace the control panel for $575 dollars (including labour, that time). It looked like something from a computer. Who knows? Maybe it was just the fuse all along!

  6. Oh totally have that problem. For sure. And, gosh, that bit about looking at the pictures made me miss my grandmother who passed away almost two years ago now. ❤

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