Catching Up


When I opened my emails, this morning, I discovered I had almost 50! It’s been a rather hectic week and I’ve had little time to read all the wonderful blogs I follow, so they really added up! This explains why I haven’t commented on your posts in a few days. Please forgive me.

To make matters worse, today while I was reading the first few blog posts from Thursday, I suddenly lost internet, TV and home phone service. No, I didn’t forget to pay them. I figured it was a technical thing, so I went outside to check the cable box behind our house. When there was no sign of tampering, I went to the corner and noticed the Service Truck parked and a Technician leaving the control box. Thinking that we would soon have service restored, I went back inside and continued reading my blogs.

Although Hubby had the TV on, the service was still not available. We couldn’t even access stuff we had PVRed. Frustrated, Hubby went back outside to talk to the service guy but he had already left. Since I had called earlier in the week to discontinue our cottage phone service, I thought perhaps they had mistakenly disconnected our home phone service instead.


Digging my rarely used cell phone out of my purse, I called the company and asked what had happened. The guy couldn’t explain the problem. He just said yes, the line definitely wasn’t working, but it wasn’t because they had mixed up our disconnect order. He said he might be able to get the technician back to fix things today. If not, it might be Sunday before we got our internet, TV and phones working! Grrr!

Hubby called them back and said if it isn’t restored today, he’s canceling the service on Monday. They arrived a few hours later and our phone is working and we now can access our internet and TV.

This sort of thing never happened with our last service provider. Although we still have a couple of years left on our contract, we are seriously thinking of switching back. It was never the service we had a problem with the other provider, only the rising costs. Our current provider was supposed to be cheaper, according to the person we spoke to about switching. She never told us about all the hidden costs, which pretty much makes things equal!

Anyway, I wrote out comments I wanted to make to blogs and saved them until I can actually get back to your sites to post them, so please bear with me. It’s such a nice day out, I really should be enjoying the sunshine, but my internet doesn’t work outside, so I guess I’ll be pale a little longer!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


5 comments on “Catching Up

  1. I’m debating on whether I should go on an internet sabbatical for a day or two. My brain is feeling a little fried and it might do me some good, hmmmm . . .

    I often think this but never go through with it. 😉

  2. We’ve been having a lovely family weekend. It’s not often that we all manage to get together so it has been wonderful. Everyone has gone now, hubby has dragged himself to bed exhausted and I opened my emails to find over forty so Hi everyone – hope you’re all well and enjoying the weekend.

    • Glad you had such a wonderful weekend, Diane. Having family visit can be a lot of fun, but does require a lot of energy!

      I’ve finally caught up with all my emails/blog posts and I’m now trying to finish my research for the YA panel I’m co-hosting at our Symposium for Manitoba Writing, happening later this week. Good luck with all your emails! 🙂

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