List of Manitoba YA authors & their fiction titles

As promised, I have compiled a list of YA Authors in Manitoba. At the end, I have included a list of publishers in Manitoba that have produced YA titles. There is also a list of Manitoba writers prior to 1982 whose work has been included in high school literature reading lists, although the subject matter may not be exactly YA in nature. I have also included a few other Canadian YA authors of which I am sure there are many more, but the names here are those that I found in my travels through cyberspace searching for those elusive Manitobans. I didn’t have time to search through all the self-published authors or e-books by Manitobans/ Canadians that might be out there, so if anyone knows of any, please let me know and I will compile a list of those, as well. So, here’s what I found:

In Alphabetical Order:

Sandra BirdsellThe Town That Floated Away [‘98], Katya [‘04], Children of the Day [‘05], Adult: The Two-headed Calf [’97], The Russländer [‘02], The Missing Child: A Novel [‘02], Ladies of the house [’84], Night travelers [’84],The Chrome Suite [’92], Waiting for Joe [‘10]

Martha Brooks – born in MB, 1944, won Governor General’s Award for English Language Children’s Literature in 2002, 1st book, A Hill For Looking [‘82]. Other books: I met a bully on a hill [‘86], Paradise Café and other stories [‘88], Two Moons In August [‘91], Traveling On Into The Light and other stories [‘94], Andrew’s Tree [‘96], Bone Dance ] [‘97],  Being With Henry [‘99], True Confessions of a Heartless Girl [‘02], Mistik Lake [‘07], Queen of Hearts [‘10], How Marjorie Helped [On-demand].

Margaret Buffie – B. in Wpg’s west end, first started writing in 1985, won Vicky Metcalf Award for Body of Work, Young Adult Canadian Book Award (2000, 1996), McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award (2005), Silver Nautilus Award for 2011, Teen Category Her books: Who Is Frances Rain [‘87], The Haunting of Frances Rain [‘87], The Guardian Circle [‘89], The Warnings [‘91], My Mother’s Ghost [‘92], Someone Else’s Ghost [‘96], The Dark Garden [‘96], Angels Turn Their Backs [‘98], The Watcher [‘00], The Seeker [‘02] The Finder [‘04], Out of Focus [‘06], Winter Shadows [‘10]

Sonja CrawfordSoul of Sarna series set near Gilbert Plains, MB

Beatrice Culleton MoisionierIn Search of April Raintree [‘84]

Anita Daher – has written seven novels, five in her Rangers series for young readers (Flight from Big Tangle [‘02], Flight from Bear Canyon [‘04], Racing for Diamonds [‘07], Poachers in the Pingos [‘08], On the Trail of the Bushman [‘09]), with two more to be published in Europe this year. Her two teen titles are Two Foot Punch [‘07] and Spider’s Song [‘07], which was a finalist for the McNally Robinson Best Book for Kids and the Arthur Ellis Award, and was a Chapters/Indigo Junior Advisory Council Pick. Daher won the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Writer in 2007. She edits teen novels for Winnipeg’s Great Plains Publications and is the regional rep for TWUC.

John Danakas – Middle grades sports stories: Curve Ball [‘93], Lizzie’s Soccer Showdown [‘94], Hockey Night In Transcona [‘95], Hockey Heroes [‘98], Brothers On Ice [‘01]

Deborah FroeseOut of the Fire [2001]

Donna Firby GamacheLoon Island [‘11]

Maureen Fergus – Juvenile fiction: Ortega [‘10], Recipe For Disaster [‘09], YA: Exploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) Hero [‘07]

Gabriele GoldstoneThe Kulak’s Daughter, [‘09] shortlisted for the McNally Robinson 2010 Book Award for Young People, won silver medal in the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Brenda HasiukWhere The Rocks Say Your Name [‘06]

Ann HenryIt’s all free – on the outside (a novel) [1975]

Linda Holeman – historical fiction: Search of the Moon King’s Daughter (2002), winner of McNally Book for Young People Award (2003), Contemporary fiction: Toxic Love: stories (2003), Raspberry House Blues (2000), Mercy’s Birds (1998), Promise Song (1997), Frankie On The Run (1995), Saying Goodbye: stories [‘95]

Fran HowardThe Ivory Comb [1992]

Ivy Huffman/Julia KwongThe Dream of Gold Mountain [1991]

Gillian JohnsonThora [‘12]

Jim MakichukEmperor of Mars [‘11]

*Carol Matas – Prolific Winnipeg writer with over 40 books to her name including: Historical Fiction/Holocaust – Dear Canada: Turned Away [‘05] & Footsteps In The Snow [‘02], The War Within [‘01], In My Enemy’s House [‘99], The Garden [‘98], Greater Than Angels, [‘98], Lisa’s War [‘95], The Burning Time [‘94], After The War [‘94], Sworn Enemies [‘93], Kris War [‘92], The Race [‘91], Daniel’s Story, Jesper [‘89], Lisa [‘87], Behind Enemy Lines [‘11]; Contemporary – The Lost Locket [‘02], Telling [‘98], Past Crimes [‘06]; Time Travel – The Edge of When [‘11]; Supernatural/Paranormal – Ghosthunters [‘08], Far [‘08], Visions [‘07], The Freak [‘07], (series with Perry Nodelman); SciFi/Fantasy – The Dark Clone [‘05], The Second Clone [‘01], Cloning Miranda [‘99], Out of Their Minds [‘98], More Minds [‘96], Of Two Minds [‘95] (series with Perry), The DNA Dimension [‘82]; as well as for younger readers: The Whirlwind [‘07], Action! [‘05], Play Ball! [‘04], Rosie In New York: Gotcha! [‘03], Rebecca [‘00],

Margaret Shaw McKinnon – The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach [‘08]

Ishbel MooreDolina May [‘97], Dolina’s Grad [‘98], Xanthe’s Pyramid [‘98], Daughter [‘99], Dolina’s Decision [2000], Annilea [2000]; Juvenile Fiction: The Medal [‘94], The Summer of the Hand [‘94], Branch of the Talking Teeth [‘95],

Perry Nodelman – Winnipegger – collaborated with Carol Matas on ghost stories, Of Two Minds, series, Not A Nickel to Spare (a Canadian diary); other YA fiction: Behaving Bradley [‘88], The Same Place But Different [‘95], A Completely Different Place [‘96]

Tracey McLeod-StecyThe Stone Guardian [‘11]

Andreas Oertal – middle grade: The Archeolojester books 1-3

K. C. OliverPretty, Pretty [‘05]

Rhiannon PailleSiege [‘12], Flame of Surrender [‘11], Integrated Intuition [‘10], Sanctuary of the Mind [‘09]

Linda C. PlischkeDusty Winds of Impact [‘12]

Camilla Reghelini Rivers – Juvenile Sports Fiction: Shout-out [2000], Off The Wall [‘01], Red-line Blues [‘02]

Jennifer StormDeadly Loyalties [‘07]

Donna SutherlandLife Sucks [‘10]

Duncan Thornton – b. God’s Lake Narrows MB in 1962, Kalifax (1999), Captain Jenny and the Sea of Wonders (2001), The Star Glass (2004 – won McNally Book Award for young People), Shadow Town (2008)

Nathan Town – self-published The Oldest Game In Town [‘06]

Miriam ToewsIrma Voth [‘11], A Complicated Kindness [‘04], Summer of my Amazing Luck [‘96]

W. D. ValgardsonFrances [‘00], Divorced Kids Club and other stories [‘99], as well as adult novels, short stories and children’s picture books

Larry Verstraete – although Larry writes for kids and teens, his books are non-fiction accounts of real-life stories such as Surviving the Hindenberg [’11], Case Files: 40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science [’11], At The Edge: Daring Acts in Desperate Times [’09], Lost Treasures: True Stories of Discovery [’06], Survivors: True Death-Defying Escapes [’03], Extreme Science: Science In The Danger Zone [’00], Accidental Discoveries: From Laughing Gas To Dynamite [’99], Who’s Bright Idea Was It? [’97], Mysteries of Time [’92]

Diane WielerRanVan The Defender [‘99], Drive [‘98], RanVan Magic Nation [‘97] RanVan A Worthy Opponent [‘95], Bad Boy [‘90]

*Eva Wiseman – From Prussia, now a Winnipegger – A Place Not Home [‘96], My Canary Yellow Star [‘01], No One Must Know [‘04], Kanada [‘06], The Last Song [‘12], Puppet [‘12]

Sarah YatesLucky Lou Gets Game [’11?]

Manitoba Publishers that have YA authors/titles

(not mentioned above & not necessarily Manitoba authors but produced here):

Great Plains Publishing’s writers of teen fiction:

Rae Bridgeman –  Kingdom of Trolls [‘11], Fish & Sphinx [‘08], Amber Ambrosia [‘07], The Serpent’s Spell [‘06]

Greg Jackson-DavisDigging For Phillip, [’03]

Kevin Marc FournierSandbag Shuffle, [‘07], The Green-eyed Queen of Suicide City [‘12]

Brenda Hammond – lives in Ottawa: Cape Town [‘12]

Nicole Luiken – Dreamline [‘11], Frost [‘07], DreamFire [‘09], Violet Eyes (now an e-book)

Rob KeoughThe Gem Lakes [‘05], Wolf Summer [‘09]

Jake MacDonaldJuliana And The Medicine Fish [‘10]

Rick McNairThe Last Unicorn on the Prairies, [‘02], illustrated by Chris McVarish-Younger)

Collen NelsonTori By Design [‘11]Naomi

Diane Juttner PerreaultBreath of the Dragon [‘05]

Sarah RaymondSigns of Martha [‘11]

Nelsa Roberto – lives in Toronto Illegally Blond [‘10], The Break [‘12]

Craig RussellBlack Bottle Man [’10]

Karmel Schreyer – An Ordinary Courage: Naomi In Indonesia [‘06], A Singing Bird Will Come: Naomi In Hong Kong [‘02], Naomi: The Strawberry Blonde of Pippu Town, [‘99]

Jocelyn Shipley – lives in TO & Van. Island: How to Tend A Grave [‘12]

Alfred Silver  – The Boy Kelsey [‘09]

Gail Sidonit SobatA Winter’s Tale [‘04], A Glass Darkly, [‘06], Gravity Journal [‘08], Chance To Dance For You [‘11]

Pemmican Publications’ writers of teen fiction:

Edgar Danny Desjarlais – The ‘Tobanz [‘03]

Deborah L. Delaronde – middle-grade novel: Metis Spirits [‘12]; kids books: Friendship Bay [2004], Children’s stories: Flour Sack Friends [2003], Flour Sack Flora [2001],  Little Metis and the Metis Sash [2000], A Name For Metis [‘99]

Linda Ducharme – River of Tears [‘11], Spirit of the North [‘11]

Eli Flinn – The Golden Metis

George Lalor – The Foot of the River [‘86], Sagkeeng [‘93], Old Woman Island [‘02], Tracks and Traces of Prairie Places

Lorraine Mayer – Cries from a Metis Heart [‘07]

Frances Riviere – Washing at the Creek [‘08]

Noelie Palud-PelletierLouis – Son of the Prairies [‘90]

Annete St. Pierre – The Metis Princess

Ruby Slipperjack – Honour The Sun [‘87]

Don SawyerRunning, Where The Rivers Meet [‘88]

T. D.Thompson – Flight of the Wild Geese [‘11], Retro Girl [‘11], Rooster

Jordan Wheeler – Brothers In Arms [‘89]

Fernwood Publishing – Roseway Imprint for YA

Christins Gunn (from Nova Scotia) – Lily

John Reid (also from Atlantic Canada) – The People and Josh Wilson, Escape

Heartland Associates

Margaret Dennis OwenThe Home Front

Signature Press

Diane PoulinNo Safe House

Other Manitoba Writers of note:

(not necessarily YA writers but their work has often been used in High School ELA classes)

Ralph Connor – a missionary pastor (ordained in Calgary in 1990) he was born Charles William Gordon in ‘Indian Lands, Glengarry County, Canada West’ (later called Ontario), moved to Winnipeg in 1894 & died in Winnipeg, 1937. Wrote: Black Rock [1898], The Sky Pilot [1899], & The Man From Glengarry [1901] & Glengarry School Days [1902] all short story collections, still in re-prints.

Frederick P. Grove – (1879-1948) was originally from Prussia, settled in Manitoba where he was a teacher. Two of his novels are on the list of Manitoba Fiction Writers for Children & Young People: Settlers of the Marsh [© 1925, reprinted in ‘89], Our Daily Bread [©1928, reprinted in ‘75]. There was much controversy when ‘Settlers’ was first published because of perceived obscenity. He also wrote: Fred P. Grove [1930], Fred P. Grove [1933], Fred P. Grove [‘39], The Master of the Mill [‘44], Consider Her Ways [‘47].

Kristjana Gunnars, originally from Iceland, travelled frequently and lived in Manitoba during the early 80s. Her first novel was The Prowler [‘89]. The Axe’s Edge is a book of poetry.

Paul HiebertSarah Binks [© 1947, reprinted in 1971] a novel/fake biography

Graham HurlburtTales from the furnace room, and other stories of Canada’s Cree people at work in the years 2020 A.D. [1998]

Mary V. Jordan“My Name Is Marie Anne Gaboury”: A Love Story [1983]

Bess KaplanCorner Store [1975], The Empty Chair [1986]

Sarah KlassenThe Peony Season: short fiction [2000]

Ed KleimanThe Immortals [1980]

Olive Elsie Knox –b. 1903, d. 1982, m. Harold Knox in 1924, wrote: By Paddle and Saddle [1943], Red River Shadows [1948], Little Giant: The Story of Henry Kelsey, illustrated by Clarence Tillenius [1951], Black Falcon, illustrated by Clarence Tillenius [1954], The Young Surveyor [1956], John Black of Old Kildonan [1958]

Robert Kroetsch – b. 1927, d. 2011, listed as adult fiction at public library, but listed under Manitoba Fiction Writers for Children & Young People: But We Are Exiles [1965], Gone Indian [1973], Badlands [1975], The Studhorse Man [1977], The Man From The Creeks [1988], The Puppeteer: A Novel [1992]

Margaret Laurence – b. 1926, d. 1987. Children’s: Jason’s Quest [‘70], Six Darn Cows [‘79], The Olden Days Coat [‘79], A Christmas Birthday Story [‘82] Adult fiction: The Fire-Dwellers [‘69], The Tomorrow-tamer and other stories [‘70], A Bird in the House [‘74], Heart of a Stranger [‘80], The Diviners [‘88], A Jest of God [‘88], The Diviners [‘88]

Allan Levine – Great Plains author, listed as adult fiction at public library, but listed under Manitoba Fiction Writers for Children & Young People: Sins of the Suffragette: A Sam Klein Mystery [‘00], The Bolshevik’s Revenge: A Sam Klein Mystery [‘02]

Tanya Lester – listed as adult fiction at public library, but listed under Manitoba Fiction Writers for Children & Young People: Friends I Never Knew [‘77]

Nellie McClung – listed as adult fiction at public library, but listed under Manitoba Fiction Writers for Children & Young People: The second Chance [1910], Sowing Seeds In Danny [1965]

Sheldon Oberman – Winnipegger – first published 1985, wrote mostly for children, also wrote plays and articles for the Free Press.

Carol Shields – although included in school libraries, I would not consider her a writer of YA fiction, but perhaps used in classrooms as an example of Canadian Literature.

Other Canadian Teen Authors:

Julie Burtinshaw – my co-panellist from BC. Historical: Dead Reckoning [2000], The Freedom of Jenny [2005]. Other teen fiction: Adrift [2002], The Perfect Cut [2008], The Darkness Between Stars [2010]

Courtney SummersThis Is Not A Test [‘12], Cracked Up To Be [‘11], Some Girls Are [‘10], Fall For Anything [‘10]

Eric Wilson – b. 1940 in Ottawa, started writing during teaching years in White Rock BC 1968/69, first published in 1976, writes mysteries for kids & young adults, set in Canadian locals, for the most part, inspired by Hardy Boys mysteries, began writing to involve reluctant readers, won Arthur Ellis Award for Lifetime Achievement from The Crime Writers of Canada, Author of the Year in 1992 by Canadian Booksellars Association, Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002. His books: Murder On The Canadian [‘76], Vancouver Nightmare [‘78], Terror In Winnipeg [‘79] Lost Treasures of Casa Loma [‘80], The Ghost of Lunenburg Manor [‘81], Spirit in the Rainforest [‘84], Vampires of Ottawa [‘84], The Unmasking of ‘Ksan  [‘86], The Green Gables Detectives, [‘87], Code Red At The Supermall [‘88], Cold Midnight in Vieux Quebec [‘89], Disneyland Hostage [‘], The Ice Diamond Quest [‘90], The Prairie Dog Conspiracy [‘92], The St. Andrews Werewolf [‘93], The Case of the Golden Boy [‘94], The Inuk Mountie Adventure [‘95], Summer of Discovery [‘96], Kootenay Kidnapper [‘96], Escape From Big Muddy [‘97], The Emily Carr Mystery [‘01], Red River Ransom [‘06].

Monica Hughes – Canadian immigrant from England, lives in Ontario; first book published in 1974; writes SciFi/mainstream (1982) Ring-Rise, Ring-Set, Hunter In The Dark. Best known for Isis trilogy. Won the Canada Council Children’s Literature Award for The Guardian of Isis

Jölle Anthony – resides in BC – Restoring Harmony [‘09], The Right and the Real [‘12],

Catherine Austen – Ontario – All Good Children [‘11]

Hélène Boudreau – PEI – Acadian Star [‘09], Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings [‘11]

Karen Bass – NW Alberta – Run Like Jäger [‘08], Summer of Fire [‘10], Drummer Girl [‘11]

Eileen Cook – Vancouver – Unpredictable [‘07], What Would Emma Do? [‘08], Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood [‘10], The Education of Hailey Kendrick [‘11], Unraveling Isobel [‘12], Do Or Di [‘12]

Danika Dinsmore – BC – Brigitta of the White Forest [‘11], The Ruins of Noe [‘12], Ondelle of Groith [‘12]

Judith Graves – northern Alberta – Under My Skin [‘10], Second Skin [‘11]

Janet GurtlerI’m Not Her [‘10] If I Tell [‘11]

Denise Jaden – Vancouver – Losing Faith [‘10]

Kenneth Oppell – Ontario – Adult fiction: Devil’s Cure [‘12], YA: Such Wicked Intent [August ‘12], This Dark Endeavour [‘11], Half Brother [‘10], The King’s Taster [‘09], Starclimber [‘08], Darkwing [‘07], Skybreaker [‘05], Airborn [‘04], Airwing [‘04], Firewing [‘02], Sunwing, [‘99], Silverwing [‘97], Dead Water Zone [‘92], Live Forever Machine [‘90], Juvenile fiction: Peg and Yeti [‘04], A Creepy Case of Vampires [‘02], Peg and the Whale [‘00], A Weird Case of Super-goo [‘97], Emma’s Emu [‘95], A Crazy Case of Robots [‘94], A Strange Case of Magic [‘94], An Incredible Case of Dinosaurs [‘94], A Bad Case of Ghosts [‘93], Galactic Snapshots [‘93], Cosmic Snapshots [‘93], Follow That Star[‘92]. Cosimo cat [‘90], Colin’s Fantastic Video Adventure[‘85]

An article you might be interested in was written by Anita Daher in The Winnipeg Review last year in which she writes how “Winnipeg is the YA author capitol of Canada” and as you can see from this impressively long list of authors, that she’s right. Although not all I’ve mentioned come from the city, a good majority are. Despite this long list, I’m sure I don’t have all the Canadian authors, or all the Manitoban authors of YA. If I have missed any of your favourites, or if I’ve missed mentioning your book, I apologize. As well, I haven’t covered any of the YA e-books that might be out there, written by Manitobans. Again, I apologize. I didn’t have the time to research that aspect of the subject since, for the symposium, I was looking into the history of YA fiction.

Please feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment and I will update my list and re-post, later. 🙂