For The Love of Reading

I was just over at Jenny Kellerford’s blog where earlier this week she had posted a fun game – For The Love of Reading. Basically, it was to honour that love of reading (and learning). What you need to do is:

* Grab the book nearest to you. Not your favourite. Not the one you think is most intriguing. The closest one to you.

* Open it to page 60.

* FInd the 6th sentence.

* Post your sentence in the Comments box here. To make it more interesting, please don’t tell us the name of the book. Let’s see how many people can guess it.

Also, if you want to keep this going on your own blog, that’s cool, just make sure you link it back to her blog post (above) and mine, too. I’d love to read what others have found!


My quote is this: “She was nothing like the needy teenagers who’d crawl in and out of his bed, nothing like the earnest teachers he’d known at school.”

If you’re interested in finding out the book title and author, I’ll try to remember to post it tomorrow.

Now, it’s your turn!