For The Love of Reading

I was just over at Jenny Kellerford’s blog where earlier this week she had posted a fun game – For The Love of Reading. Basically, it was to honour that love of reading (and learning). What you need to do is:

* Grab the book nearest to you. Not your favourite. Not the one you think is most intriguing. The closest one to you.

* Open it to page 60.

* FInd the 6th sentence.

* Post your sentence in the Comments box here. To make it more interesting, please don’t tell us the name of the book. Let’s see how many people can guess it.

Also, if you want to keep this going on your own blog, that’s cool, just make sure you link it back to her blog post (above) and mine, too. I’d love to read what others have found!


My quote is this: “She was nothing like the needy teenagers who’d crawl in and out of his bed, nothing like the earnest teachers he’d known at school.”

If you’re interested in finding out the book title and author, I’ll try to remember to post it tomorrow.

Now, it’s your turn!

21 comments on “For The Love of Reading

  1. What an awesome idea….I think I am going to have to borrow this idea as well! (Geeze I’m all about borrowing your ideas today aren’t I?)
    Oh and my quote (I wonder if anybody will guess this…):

    “I slept well that night; as I blew out my little oil lamp, it started to rain, it poured, it deluged, and lightning played about the crown of Vesuvius….”

    Not the best written line in the history of literature, but a cool image all the same!

    • It IS a very cool image! Thanks for playing, and I don’t mind you borrowing ideas! Have a great weekend!

      BTW, do you celebrate Victoria Day in Australia? For us, this is a long weekend because we celebrate Victoria’s birthday on Monday. 🙂

    • “It must be a coincidence…” 🙂 I just read this book about 3 days ago. Don’t you just love this author? TP is the best! I love the names in this book!

      • I am a huge fan of TP and have all his books in a special Disk World library. I buy them as gifts for my dad he reads them, passes them on and then we put them on the library. I haven’t been able to collect this one until recently and there are still two more waiting. This is one author that I probably won’t read on Kindle simply because the books look so good on the shelf. Can’t wait to start Midnight.

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  5. “She wasn’t crying, because no matter how softly she did that, I could always tell.”
    Hint: one of my favorite authors. I was just given her first published book (1992), and it was another great read. Her latest book has been on the bestseller list…

  6. Fun game. Here you go:
    “Tuck climbed in, too, pushing off, and, settling the oars into their locks, dipped them into the silty bottom in one strong pull.” (Page 60, 6th line)

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