Busy Weekend

The weekend was a busy one. Friday was spent with friends. We played Canasta until after midnight. We girls were hoping to catch up to the men folk’s huge lead but, alas, that was not to be.

Saturday started out as an ordinary one with the usual chores around the house and yard. Then we went out for dinner with a couple of close friends who helped us celebrate our 33rd anniversary. We each had a wonderful meal at the KEG. It has become quite pricey, though, since the last time we were there. Then we went back to their place for coffee and ended up playing tug-of-war with their new puppy. He wore us out!

Sunday, I attended a shower to celebrate the birth of our newest grandniece. My daughter came along with her little guy. I’m afraid he may have upstaged the baby, though! He’s walking now and was being such a cutie – trying to help unwrap presents and playing with a balloon – while the baby slept for most of the afternoon.

The shower was 45 minutes out of town, longer if you consider I was coming from the opposite end of town, picked up daughter and grandson, then picked up my mother-in-law before heading out on the highway. It’s been a rainy, windy weekend, too, and very chilly, so driving wasn’t the greatest. I’m just glad I had good company! The grandson was laughing full tilt – that same kind of belly laugh as the boy in the video in my last post. So the weekend ended on a good note.

How did you spend YOUR weekend?

3 comments on “Busy Weekend

  1. It sounds lovely. We were busy with our youngest grandson’s birthday and then the school summer fayre. We are packing up now to head back to France in the morning and so it’s all rather bittersweet just now.

    • Packing up already? It seems like you just got there. I thought you’d be spending the summer there. At least you were able to celebrate your grandson’s birthday. 🙂

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