Wonderful Readers!

While I was trying to think about what to post, today, I noticed that I had been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award, by wantoncreation. I want to thank him very much for the honour! He has an amazing blog with a variety of interesting topics and always makes me smile. I can’t help but comment on his content, so I guess that’s why he nominated me for this award.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s perfect for today because we finally have some sunshine!

Apparently there are several variations on the rules of acceptance, so I will follow Matt’s lead and tell you about what I have been up to lately. As you may have read, yesterday, I finally had my root canal done on my  broken tooth. It’s still a little tender, but I think I’ll survive! 🙂

This morning, I was preparing for a wedding shower/roast for the daughter of our close friends. I’ve known the girl since she was born, so have a few stories to tell. One of the things I loved about her when she was little was that she looked like she had just stepped out of an Eloise Wilkin picture. If you’ve never seen an Eloise Wilkin illustration, here’s an example. As a matter of fact, I bought this book for the bride-to-be when she was about 3 years old because the character looked just like her!




Another thing I was doing this morning was going through some old photos of the street where I grew up and the friends I had there. I’m hoping to meet with a woman who used to live across the street from us. I haven’t seen her in a very long time, so thought I would bring along a bunch of pictures to jog our memories. Here’s one of me taken on the street when it was still brand new.

Here’s what the street looks like now. It’s amazing the difference 50+ years makes!


Other things I have been doing, lately (besides blogging), are working a little more than usual, and partaking in many social events, such as the shower mentioned above. Last weekend, I went to a baby shower, played with my grandson and celebrated our anniversary with friends. I try to get to Tai Chi when I can and have lunch with friends when I’m not working. I recently started Twittering and last night I signed up for Goodreads. I still have a lot to do to get the site up and running, but at least I’ve started it and plan to add an author’s page to it eventually.

I apologize that there hasn’t been much about my writing lately, but I’m hoping that will change once the summer break arrives at the end of June. Tomorrow, I will be starting a new post ritual – interviews with other writers. My first one will be with someone who interviewed me for her blog. I’ll mention more about that when I know when she will be posting it. In the meantime, I know there are many writers out there who have been following my blog so I will be asking each of you if you would be interested in being interviewed for an upcoming blog post.

Now I should proceed to mention those readers who I appreciate. I have enjoyed and appreciated every comment ALL of my followers have made in response to my posts, but I will try to restrict the list to those who comment most frequently. In order not to overwhelm those I would have mentioned here that were already nominated by wantoncreation I will not nominate them again, but will direct you to their blogs so you can check them out: Green Paw-paw, Diane’s Story Site, Eternal Domnation, Storyteller in the Digital Age, Roshrulez’s Weblog, Friffle Thoughts and Easyondeyes, J.Keller Ford.

Here are the others who have most frequently commented on my posts:

C.B. Wentworth

Traci Kenworth

My First Book



Laurie Buchanan


Again, I want to thank ALL of you who have dropped by and ‘liked’ my posts or made a comment! I wouldn’t keep blogging without your support! 🙂



17 comments on “Wonderful Readers!

  1. You do Tai Chi? I’ve been meaning to learn! We used to have yoga classes in school, but weirdly enough, it’s Tai Chi that I’ve always been attracted to.
    And yay! You joined Goodreads! It’s one of my favourite sites, ever. The book recommendations are surprisingly spot on. I’m going to add you, okay? 🙂

    • Sure, Tanya! Actually, the Tai Chi I do has been a bit modified for stroke patients. I just go with a friend who’s recovering, mainly for the friendship and because I really just need the exercise. We have a great instructor who makes it fun for everyone. 🙂

  2. Wow, I love the contrast of those two photos. It’s funny, a lot of where I live, if you looked at it 50 years ago, it’d all be farms and shipyards hahaha. Now it’s all turning into seaside suburbia very quickly (our population is booming too as people are getting sick of Sydney and moving up here to live instead).
    I’ll also have to add you on Goodreads when I next log on – I don’t log onto that page nearly as much as I should. Then again I also haven’t been reading nearly as much as I should, either! 😛

    • You sound like me as far as reading goes, these days.

      Actually, where I live now used to be farmland. We’ve been here over 30 years and it’s growing to beat the band! Since we moved here 3 schools were built to accommodate the growing number of kids in the neighbourhood and they are now building another one at the far edge that were farmers’ fields when we moved here! So, I know how you feel about where you are! 🙂

      • Haha, it is hard to find time to read sometimes. I have a couple of weeks of holidays coming up in about a month, and this time I won’t have any plans, nor will I be sick (I hope), so I intend on catching up on my reading big time then.
        Yep, sounds just like where we live. There are constantly new schools going up. I think we’re now the most heavily populated area outside of capital cities in Australia, which is kind of scary. But when you have a city of several million people only an hour south, and that city is leaking northbound…it’s not surprising really. I do enjoy imagining the place before everything was built, though. I need to run around and take some photos some time, now I think about it….

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