Coffee Lover’s dream

Remember I mentioned winning a coffee basket prize at the social we attended? Well, we picked it up on Sunday (we were walking home & it was too heavy to carry that distance, so friends brought it home with them) and we opened it up. Wow! What a lot of stuff was crammed into that basket! The basket is 11″x16″ and the cardboard backing was 22″high!

As we attempted to carry it to the car, some of the stuff just burst through the cello wrap (the stuff in front) and we had to bring it home separately. The list of items to be found inside concluded with ‘Over $5oo value’ and I can believe it!

There were 35 items listed including a hot chocolate maker (complete with mini-marshmallows), an electric milk frother, a coffee grinder, a whipped cream maker (including 20 cartridges), a hand whisk, 2 cappuccino mugs, 2 humongous (double-cup) black mugs, 3 travel mugs (including one with a swirly thing inside for mixing), 2 candles (one even coffee-scented) and tons of coffee in bean form and instant, as well as hot chocolate mixes. Here are some pictures of the stuff we won:























I love these two mugs that came with their own spoons. 🙂

3 travel mugs, a ceramic Starbucks mug & a coffee grinder

Pretty good haul, wouldn’t you say! We’re not usually this lucky. We should have bought a lottery ticket! lol

What are some things YOU’ve won in the past?

14 comments on “Coffee Lover’s dream

  1. YAY – that’s tremendous, I have to say the green eyed monster came and looked over my shoulder when I saw those mugs 🙂 Well done, what a lovely, lovely thing.

  2. Oh wow! I hate to admit it, but I’m insanely jealous right now. That is one incredible goodie basket. The person who put that together is a gift to the universe. 🙂

  3. Wow, I think I feel more awake just from looking at those photos! Such an awesome thing to win!
    When I was about 5 or 6 I won a giant lego plane, it was first prize in some competition. At that age, I felt like I had struck gold, to be honest.

    • I know! I wish I could invite all my blogging friends to have a cuppa with me! 🙂

      I love Lego. (Tim Kane just blogged about the new horror sets that just came out) Winning that Plane at such a young age must have been so exciting! 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s the only downside of blogging, meeting people who are so far away. I have met a few other Aussies, but even then Australia isn’t exactly the smallest country ever. Though I recently discovered one fellow blogger who lives about 10 minutes away from me, which is kind of funny.
        Oooh horror sets of lego? Wow! That does sound cool.
        It really was exciting, winning that plane. It was just after my family had moved to Australia, and I don’t think we particularly had lots of money, so toys in general were a huge thing, especially toys as intricate as that one.

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