I’ll be brief…

Today, I’ve been busy rushing around trying to tidy the house and shop in preparation for Grandson’s first BIG birthday bash. His great-grandma, (great) aunts, (great) uncles, cousins and friends will be joining us Saturday afternoon. I’ve invited a lot of people (family is huge) and haven’t received a lot of RSVPs yet, so have no idea how many will actually show up! I do have a big cake and plenty of ice cream, so we should be good.

Sunday morning I’m having brunch with an out-of-town friend before she has to fly home and in the afternoon, I have a wedding shower to attend, one that was postponed because the hostess was ill a few weeks ago when it was supposed to be held.

All this means is I won’t be doing much blogging for the rest of the weekend, but I have an interview all ready to go for Sunday. It’s just a matter of hitting the ‘publish’ button. By Monday, I’m sure I will have close to a fifty blog posts to catch up on, so bear with me if you don’t hear from me for a few of days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! đŸ™‚