Social Butterfly

Lately, as far as my writing has been concerned, I’ve been feeling very much like the dog, Dug, from the movie UP. You know, that highly distractible pup with the attention span of a gnat – squirrel! – uh, what was I talking about? Oh, yes, my writing.

I think what I would describe this writing phase as ‘creative nonfiction’. It’s been so long since I actually sat down and concentrated on any of my WIPs – and there are many irons in the fire. I just can’t seem to concentrate on any of them because blogging has become my newest passion, that and scrapbooking and my grandson and spending time with friends and family.

This (blogging) is the creative nonfiction I’m talking about – writing about what’s been going on in MY life instead of one of my fictional characters. It’s been fun, too, writing what I hope are interesting blog posts and READING so many wonderful blogs. It’s kind of taking over my life that when I do get distracted by life, like Dug, and return to my computer I find another batch of posts I want to read, but I want to read those from the day before or, like today, from several days back. At the moment, I am looking at 74 emails, all blog posts from my favourite bloggers that I want to read but, alas, I have Tai Chi in a couple of hours and then I will be taking three lovely ladies from class to a fun day put on by the Independent Living Resource Centre. After that, there’s a ‘Bud, Spud and Steak’ event to raise money for the families of the security guards in Calgary who were killed in a recent robbery. It is going to be one very busy day!

Actually, it has been a very busy week, spending two days in the country crafting cards with my sister-in-law, popping into Scrapbook Cottage in Steinbach to pick up more supplies and a side trip to the thrift store. Then, there was the dentist on Wednesday which I thought was going to be a quick replacement of a temporary crown with a permanent one and ended up spending an hour and a half in the dentist chair while she poked, prodded, drilled, cut away gum tissue and ground down the filling put in by the guy who did my root canal. My jaw still hurts and I still can’t bite down on that side. On top of all that, I have over 2 dozen cards to make by August 1st and each one takes at least an hour to finish, sometimes up to two hours, if they are really elaborate (or I make a mistake and have to figure out how to cover it up!)

Other plans for this summer entail painting and putting up new fence boards to replace the broken section in our back yard, clean out the storage room so I can maybe expand my crafting space, read all the books on my TBR list, visit with out-of-town guests and finishing my research so I can work on the sequel to Spirit Quest. I don’t think it’s all going to happen in the next 6 weeks.

So, that’s what my writing life has been like, lately! Whew!

How are the rest of you coping with your distractions from writing? I really need to know!


13 comments on “Social Butterfly

  1. I know what you mean, it’s just so much more fun interacting than getting down to the lonely business of actually working. However, that’s one of the advantages of my blog serials they force me to create, I can get away with one day if there is something else interesting to mention, Like my snake! but longer than that and the story would lose its impact and so that keeps me focused.

    Still though writing about the interesting things that you are doing, the places you go and the people that you spend your time with is writing isn’t it, it keeps the writing muscles supple and I think if your head isn’t in the right place the work won’t satisfy you, don’t worry it will all get done and the bits that don’t weren’t meant to!! Have a lovely weekend – Diane

    • Thanks, Diane! That made me feel a little better. I think it would help if I could stick to a stricter schedule. I’m just the world’s worst procrastinator! Hope you enjoy your weekend, too! 🙂

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I get distracted constantly in my home. Of course, I’ve got two little boys running around, but even when I am alone I tend to get off-track. Take last night, for example… my mom offered to take the kids for the night so that I could get some writing in, and what did I do? I made popcorn and watched a movie. I made the excuse that it was the first time in a LONG time that I could watch a movie without added subtitles (my kids make so much noise that I simply cannot hear the TV), and I didn’t have to share my popcorn. I watched a ‘girly’ movie that I could cry during without my kids concerned toddler voices asking what was wrong and me trying to explain that mommy’s just an emotional fool. Regardless, I feel guilty now that the night is over and I didn’t get any writing done…

    I think that it’s understandable that you’re focusing on yourself and your family. Sounds fun! And busy, wow. You’re quite the busy lady!

  3. I keep a pretty solid routine so that my distractions don’t keep me from writing! The absence of a day job during the summer can often be the kiss of death for my writing schedule, so I had a game plan in place before the last day of school. I get at least 4 hours of writing in each day, along with extra time to play in some other hobbies. Sadly, I only have a couple weeks left of this wonderful schedule!

  4. For me, I have a curse/gift that’s helped me out at some cost: The inspiration of a deadline.

    I blame it on having a stint in college journalism, in that the closer the deadline for a piece loomed, the more inspired I got to get some work done. It was a great inducement in a structured environment like a newspaper (remember those?) but not all that helpful when doing freelance work.

    Having some of my work today being held to a regular posting schedule helps keep the pipes flowing, though it has limits. If you are able to impose on yourself some form of due date for stuff that needs your byline, that might be of some help.

    If you have a set audience that you can promise a piece to by a set time, say a small inner circle, try and impose that on yourself and write to deadline. Sometimes the challenge of a time crunch can give your muse the equipment she needs to make you produce…

    • I do remember newspapers and I remember deadlines. Unfortunately, I was never very good at scheduling my time in college, having to spend many all-nighters to finish assignments because I miscalculated how long something would take. I think that’s part of my problem – time management. Also, my writer’s group has been meeting rather inconsistently and the last few meetings I had to miss because of family obligations, so didn’t feel the urge to get new work done to show them. I’m glad it works for you. 🙂

  5. Give yourself a break if life is keeping you from reading posts…life is meant to be lived, right? You can always go back and read posts when things quiet down a little. Just make time for what is most important to you. Thanks for a thoughtful post. I think I should take some of my own advice. I love so many blogs and bloggers, it can get a little out of control at times…just do what you can do. 🙂 And thanks for reading when you can. We’ll all be here when things slow down. 🙂

  6. Writing can certainly be like that. Even if we do set our day’s list right at the side of the keyboard… we’ll check in when you’re here to post and think about you when we’re away fromt he computer 🙂

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