Who do you write like?

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Well, I finally got around to reading my blogs and Julie Catharine’s post from earlier this week caught my attention. She referred to Roger Colby’s post at Writing Is Hard Work. Roger wrote about a site that will analyze your writing and tell you about your style, comparing it to other famous writers. I decided to check it out and found my results rather interesting.

According to the analysis, the passage I submitted from Spirit Quest was most like Chuck Palahniuk of Fight Club fame. Withershins, my Blake’s 7 fan fiction, and one of my attempts at a romance story, The Makeover of Jenny MacCrae, had a similar style to Dan Brown. I thought that was pretty cool! Excerpts from Withershins, Spirit Quest and Blake’s 7 can be found on my header under ‘My Published Stories’ and ‘My Fan Fiction’ if you feel like comparing them, yourself!

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My short story, Danalee’s Adventure, was like George Orwell and my other short, The Girl In The Clock, was like J. R. R. Tolkien, which I thought was super cool! If you want to see for yourself what those two stories are like, check out ‘My Short Stories’ on my header.

My two SciFi adventure stories, Alliance Against Tyranny and Island of the Stars as well as my fantasy WIP Quest for the Dragon’s Heart were most like Arthur Clark‘s writing. My fantasy, The Shoppe, was compared to H. P. Lovecraft and my other attempt at a romance, To Touch A Rainbow, was similar to James Joyce‘s work. The style of another of my SciFi WIPs, Redstone, is like David Foster Wallace‘s, although I am not familiar with his work.

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My adventure/mystery story, Strength of Character, was both like William Gibson and Arthur Conan Doyle. I submitted sections from both Joel’s Story and Laura’s Story. This was the piece that I was having trouble piecing together. Maybe the problem has been my styles are so diverse!

I guess it just goes to show that I have an eclectic writing style depending on what genre I write in and what my characters are like. 🙂

If you are interested in finding out which writers YOU write like, head over here.