Crafty Wednesday cancelled

It has been another incredibly busy week and a half so I won’t do a Crafty Wednesday, today. I will try to get one up and running for next week, though, so please stay tuned. I will tell you what has kept my attention away from blogging, though. I have been doing some hands-on historic research at the local historical sites, mainly Lower Fort Garry. Their day programming was ending as of last week and there were many activities I wanted to participate in so I could write about them in my upcoming book(s). I was there last Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday was their Children’s Day, so I visited Seven Oaks House Museum and Riel House, that day. Then I picked up Grandson and took him for a sleepover, dropping him off Thursday morning before heading back to Lower Fort Garry.

Saturday there was a huge BBQ that our friends were hosting for which I was asked to make potato salad for about 30 people. Sunday afternoon, I went to a Victorian Epicure party that my Goddaughter was hosting. It’s a line of spice and cooking products presented at house parties (like Avon or Tupperware). Most of the afternoon on Monday was spent at a relative’s house, chatting and plotting for a special event that’s coming up. I won’t mention what it was in case a certain someone gets wind of it. Tuesday morning I spent sorting through a car trunk (boot) full of books that people had given me to donate to the used book sale put on by Thin Air, the Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival. I then dropped the books off and went on to attend the ceremony celebrating the bicentenary of the arrival of the first Scottish settlers sent here by Lord Selkirk in 1812. The ceremony represented the event that took place 200 years ago on practically the exact same spot, when the original Lord Selkirk handed over the deed to the tract of land promised to those Scots who had been displaced from their sharecropping farms in Scotland.

Which brings us to today. In a few moments I will shower and head over to the Thin Air office to help sort more books for their sale, then I want to take in something called the Hermetic Code at the Legislative Building. After that, I will be heading home to take care of Grandson overnight. Oh, and did I mention, my car died? After the ceremony, yesterday, I went to partake in IGA’s 10% Tuesday, got the groceries in the car and tried to start it. Nothing. Zip, Nada. Hubby had to come and boost my car. When we got it home, he realized the running lights were not shutting off. Apparently the relay switch needs to be replaced or my battery will continue to be drained. So, everything I had planned to do today, I will have to get to by taking the bus!

I will sign off for now. I literally do have to run.

And how was YOUR week? 🙂

5 comments on “Crafty Wednesday cancelled

    • Thanks, Cheri! Fortunately, our transit system is pretty good, although I had trouble figuring out which bus to take where. My first job was to help sort books at Artspace (the building that houses offices for such groups as the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and the International Writer’s Festival) It’s near where Son went to school, so I knew which bus to take there although I did have to walk a few blocks from the bus stop. The second activity was at the Legislature, but someone told me which bus to take there from where I was. On the way home, I did have to walk several more blocks to get to a stop where my bus stopped.

      As for the ceremony and my activities last week, I took tons of pictures that I’d like to share once I’ve run them through Photoshop, to reduce the size so I can download them. Straight from the camera, they are huge files. 🙂

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