Where I am from…

Reading Roger’s ‘bad poetry’ post over at Writing Is Hard Work, reminded me of something I wrote last year after sitting in on a grade 3 class. The teacher had read them a poem entitled, “Where I am from…” and assigned them to each write their own poem describing them as a person, their interests, things that happened in their past, etc, but not telling the reader directly, using similes and metaphors to build their descriptions. Each line had to begin, “I am from _________” and they had to fill in the blank. After assisting some of the students struggling with the concepts, I was inspired. I came home and wrote my own poem, which I’d like to share with you:

My grandmother who had a cuckoo clock and served me sweet tea when I was young

Where I Am From

I am from Denmark and the British Isles
I am from steaming sweet tea and chirping cuckoo clock
I am from suburbia with woods to explore and tree houses to build
I am from long walks and bike rides to Assiniboine Park
I am from two teasing brothers grown to fine men and fathers
I am from best friend forever, close like a sister though she lives far away
I am from ‘kick the can’, playing until the street lights come on
I am from Barbie and friends, with Mom-made clothes and cardboard playhouse on the front steps
I am from adventure, leaving home at nineteen to study in Grand Forks
I am from a love of children, especially those with special needs
I am from exploring new paths, new careers, merging with the old
I am from words; words that sing, words that excite, words that soothe and inspire
I am from peace

Does this give you any hints about who I am? See if you can come up with your own “Where I Am From” poem. When you’re done, send me a link. I’d love to read it. 🙂

12 comments on “Where I am from…

  1. This was so inspiring! I shall leave this fermenting at the back of my mind to see if the Universe wants to add an “I am from” poem from me. It was great to read yours. I especially love that you were from steaming sweet tea and chirping cuckoo clock. And kick the can!

    • Thanks! Yes, the photo does tell a lot about her – what her heritage is, what she liked to do as a teen. She was such a wonderful person and never said a bad thing about anyone. Despite a difficult childhood, she always thought the cup was half full, never half empty. 🙂

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