Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I am very excited! I just got another award! Jennifer M. Eaton just nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

Thanks so much, Jennifer! From what I understand, I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Now, what haven’t I told you before? Actually half of the things Jennifer said could apply to me, too! Let’s see…

1. I hate wearing shoes and socks, but it’s a necessity during our winters. (You try going barefoot when it’s 30 degrees below zero!)

2. My cat technically isn’t my cat, he’s my daughter’s but she couldn’t take him with her when she moved out. I don’t really mind, though. Right now, he’s keeping my bare feet warm!

3. Both my kids are better at Math than me, taking more after their father in that respect.

4. I can’t go grocery shopping without picking up some dark chocolate for those mid-afternoon cravings.

5. I am a puzzle-lover. I’ve made 3-D puzzles like the Notre Dame Cathedral, London Bridge and Manhatten Island, as well as a 2-foot high R2D2 that came with a noise box so it actually sounds like the Star Wars character and a 3-1/2 foot grandfather clock that actually tells the time.

6. Around this time of year, I often have nightmares about not being ready for Christmas (Only 3 months + 10 days away!) In those dreams, it’s Christmas morning and I have lots of gifts for one child and hardly any for the other, or I haven’t bought my turkey yet and all the family is coming for dinner, or I have cards made for some of my family and not the others and they get mad at me. (Next week, I have a 2-day marathon scrapbook weekend when I hope to get a lot of my Christmas cards made.)

7. I feel guilty that I haven’t interviewed any of my writer’s group members, yet (but I plan to rectify that next month, so stay tuned!)

Now for the nominations. Last time I got an award, I went through and made up a list of bloggers I follow and marked down to whom I nominated which awards so I can spread the love around. As it turns out, I was a little generous hitting the ‘follow me’ buttons and have 63 on my list, which can be a little overwhelming to follow all of them, sometimes. Anyway, these ladies I haven’t nominated yet (or at least, not for a long while) and they deserve some recognition, so please drop by and let them know their blogs are as great as I think they are! 🙂

1. Amy M. Newman

2. byroisinhealy

3. The Literary Tiger

4. Course of Mirrors

5. Thinkingg Out Loud

6. commutinggirl

7. roughwighting

Enjoy your weekends, everyone! 🙂