Volunteer+Thin Air=FUN!

I apologize for not getting to my Crafty Wednesday post this week. I have not had the time to take pictures of the things I made during my Scrapbook Weekend and process them in time. I have been driving other authors around town, as well as out-of-town, for our Winnipeg International Writers Festival known as Thin Air. I have attended readings and will be helping out with the School Stage performances. It has been a blast! Let me give you the run-down of the week, so far:

Friday and Saturday was spent in a community centre in Friedensfeld, Manitoba with over 15o other scrapbook fanatics, including 3 of my sisters-in-law. We left the hall around midnight Friday and drove to my brother’s house where I spent the night, since he lives closer to the hall than I do. We got back to Friedensfeld about 8:45 Saturday morning, crafting until 10 pm. The organizer had a wonderful group of volunteers to make food for us and help her with ‘the store’. (The organizer owns the Scrapbook Cottage and brought some of her basic supplies for us in case we ran out of glue runners, paper, etc.) She also had several ‘Specials’ over the course of the 2 days where we could get embellishments, paper packs, and stickers for drastically discounted prices. She held contests called Sketch Challenges, where she would have a ‘sketch’ – a type of blueprint for a scrapbook layout or card and it was up to us to decide what color and pattern of papers to use, as well as what stamp elements and embellishments to use. The Challenges were timed and if we got it finished within the time frame and followed the basic design, we’d get a ticket to go in a draw for a variety of things. I won a stamp that says ‘delight’, a sheet of 3-D stickers and a bright pink purse by Bo Bunny, a brand of scrapbook paper and embellishments. It’s big enough to hold crafting things when I go elsewhere to scrapbook.

Sunday, I went to pick up my Volunteer Packet in the afternoon, then went to hear authors and poets read their work at the outdoor amphitheater called Oodena in the evening. Despite the lateness of the season, it was not too cool, although I’m glad I brought a blanket simply to cushion my butt while I sat on the concrete seat. The writers were amazing, including Chadwick Ginther (see my last interview) all sharing their impressions of the place we call home. Oodena itself sits at The Forks in the heart of the city with its life-blood (the Red and Assiniboine Rivers) that flow a few meters away.

Nana's Getting Married

Monday, I drove two lovely ladies (Heather Hart-Sussman and Georgia Graham) out to Carman, Manitoba, about 100 km (about 64 miles) southwest of the city. The writer and her illustrator, had not met before this event, so it was very special to see how well they got along. Georgia’s illustrations blew me away with their whimsical quality and immaculate detail. Heather’s stories were all topical, dealing with subjects that she had to deal with at one time or another and wanted to share with youngsters. They gave a spectacular presentation to a group of grade three students and gave away several sketches and books. The kids were quite enthralled and I really enjoyed their company on the way there and back.

The Lesser Blessed: A Novel

On Tuesday, I drove Richard Van Camp to various schools to speak about his books and generally entertain the students with his tales of the north. Richard is originally from Dogrib, Northwest Territories and is an exceptional storyteller. His first book, The Lesser Blessed, has now been made into a movie with its release date coming up any day, now. It looks like a powerful movie. I can’t wait to see it. Here’s the trailer:

Today, I will be driving Ashley Spires, author of Binky the Cat. Tomorrow, I will be helping at the MTYP (Manitoba Theatre for Young People) at the School Stage, an event where schools can bring their students to listen to authors read from their work and interact with them. I’ll let you know how that went later this week.

Hope you liked the trailer. 🙂