Scary October – Day 3

I was planning to post a Spooky Crafty Wednesday, today, but for some reason the jump drive with the pictures on it isn’t showing up when I hook it to the computer. Yesterday, the computer disconnected it for some unknown reason, so there might be a problem with the drive. I did get it working one other time last night, but this morning, it’s being stubborn. Maybe it’s the ghost in the machine! lol

So, I guess I’ll just go ahead and do something different. I still have some spooky kids stories and a link to a friend’s blog. At Stacks and Ranges, she talks about zombies, so if you’re a zombie-lover, pop over to read Midweek Geekiness – the Zombiefied Edition.

Another scary thing that I discovered this morning is that a good blogger friend of mine has been kidnapped by a Martian called The Blue Lady! Please head over there and plead for Jennifer M. Eaton‘s life. You might even win an ARC of her new anthology Make Believe, which I will be talking about more in December when it’s launched.

Now, let’s see. What story shall I tease you with on this sunny October Wednesday? How about, since I mentioned the Martian, that I tell you a little bit about a WIP I’ve tentatively titled, Little Green Men?


Somewhere near midnight, on an access road between two cornfields in southern Manitoba, two young men lay on the hood of an old Chevy pick-up watching diamond chips streak across the star-filled sky.  The two had been friends since the third grade and would soon be starting their final years at the University of Manitoba.

Jake stood just over six feet tall.  His wavy ebony hair was short along the sides but longer on top, parted in the middle.  His square face sported a shallowly cleft chin, a long straight nose and intense brown eyes.  A former quarterback for his high school team, he was well proportioned and prided himself on keeping fit.  His field of study was Medicine and he was looking forward to his internship.

Mark, by contrast, was a couple of inches shorter with sandy hair and hazel eyes that changed colour with his mood and surroundings.  His slim build was deceiving for, beneath the baggy clothes, his wiry muscles poised like a cat’s ready to strike.  He had a youthful energy and enthusiasm, which would help him in his chosen profession as a high school teacher.  He held a double major in English and Science, but his real passion was astronomy, hence the reason they were out in the middle of nowhere watching the sky.

Mid-August was the perfect time to catch the annual series of meteor showers, but this year’s display was especially spectacular.  The boys ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ as though watching fireworks when, suddenly, they were blinded by a bright streak of light and deafened by an ear-splitting whistle as a fireball shot past them, narrowly missing the roof of the truck to land in the field not more than a hundred meters away.

“Whoa!  Did you see that?” Jake exclaimed.

“Kinda hard to miss, bro’,” Mark commented.  “Come on!  Let’s check it out.”

Hopping off the hood onto the dirt road, the pair plunged between the rows of tall corn stalks following the acrid smell of sulphur as a thin trail of smoke snaked skyward from the crash site.  Expecting to find a hunk of burning rock, the college students were surprised to find a teardrop-shaped metal object about the size of a new Volkswagen beetle.  It was almost invisible, its mirror-like surface reflecting images of the surrounding corn.  Jake and Mark could only detect the object by the compression of the stalks and the door that yawned open.

“What do you think it is?” Jake asked.  “Some kind of experimental aircraft?  After all, Shilo’s not too far away.  They could have all sorts of military stuff there.”

“I don’t think it’s from anywhere close to here,” Mark said with awe in his voice.

“Come on!  You don’t expect me to believe it’s a flying saucer!” Jake scoffed.  “It’s not even saucer-shaped.”

“Actually, it could be a life-pod of some kind, you know, like from a bigger ship.”

“You watch too much Star Trek,” Jake said, shaking his head.

Peering into the smoking interior, all they could see were sparks and flashes of colored lights on a control panel.  The symbols visible to them were unusual and definitely not any language or letter system the young men had ever seen before.

“Something must have escaped from the pod,” Mark said, pointing his penlight around the site, illuminating a trail of bent stalks.

Placing his forefinger against his lips, he tugged Jake’s jacket sleeve.  Together, they followed the path until it stopped, almost tripping on the unconscious body lying face down at their feet.  They gasped as Mark’s light panned over a thin, green creature with long slender limbs.  They estimated its length was nearly seven feet but, judging from its width, it could not weigh more than a hundred pounds.  Its hair was the color and consistency of corn silk, flowing from the top of its head to its knees.

“Looks like you were right about it being an alien craft,” Jake whispered.  “This thing is definitely not from around here.”

“Is it breathing?” Mark asked, tentatively reaching for the flaxen hair.

Jake knelt to place his ear against the upper torso.  He heard a steady heartbeat and felt the rib cage expand and relax with an even rhythm.

“It doesn’t seem to be having difficulty processing our air,” Jake said.

With medical curiosity, Jake examined the unusual body, shocked to see many nasty red welts crisscrossing the back and shoulders.  Turning the creature over, he studied its face, which was flat with large eye sockets, two small nostrils with no bulge for a nose, and only a slit for a mouth.  Jake drew aside the hair from the side of its face and noticed an opening, but no earlobe.  It also had no outward indications as to its sex, but what concerned Jake most was the nasty gash on its forehead.

“We’ve got to get this thing out of here,” he said.  “It’s hurt – badly.”

“What about that pod thing?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know.  If we leave it here, someone’s bound to find it and come looking for this, uh  . . . creature.  If that happens, the poor thing will be off to some scientist’s lab table and who knows what will happen to it.  Maybe I can help it recover.”

“So, what do we do about that pod thing?” Mark repeated.

Jake thought a moment.  “Is it hot?”

“I have no idea.  I didn’t touch it.  What if it’s radioactive, or something?”

“We can think about that later.  I think it’s small enough to fit in my truck.  We can take it to my place.  The barn should be big enough to conceal it.”

Jake picked up the creature and carried it to his truck, then drove back through the field to the crash site.  Wrapping their jackets around the pod, he and Mark lifted the surprisingly lightweight object into the back of the pick-up.  Although it didn’t fit inside the deck, they set it on the box sides, securing it with bungee cords before heading for Jake’s place…

books by Chris Rutkowski


I’ll leave it there, for the moment, and let you wonder – is the creature dangerous? Where did it come from? Are there others like it that have fallen to earth? What is its intentions? If I get enough interest, I might post a little more, tomorrow.

If you like reading about aliens and UFOs, you’ve got to check out Chris Rutkowski’s blog, and his books.

Chris is a member of my writers group, Off The Wall. I’ve known him since 8th grade and he’s been interested in the unknown as long as I’ve known him and probably long before that. He has investigated all sorts of unusual phenomenon and in Unnatural History, he explores scary sites in Manitoba where ghosts are said to roam. He’s been up to Lake Manitoba where the Manipogo Monster, much like Nessie from Loch Ness, is said to swim. He’s interviewed people who have spotted UFOs in the sky, who claim to have encountered aliens and UFOs, as well as those who say they have been abducted. He keeps track of UFO reports from all over. Not only does he write all this non-fiction, he has written a series of short stories about unusual stuff that happens to a man who owns a diner on the outskirts of town. I will be interviewing him later in the month but if you are at all curious about him, click on the links above.

Happy Wednesday, everyone and don’t forget to send me scary links or stories of your own! 🙂