Scary October – Day 5

Hi, Everyone! Yesterday, my friend, Chris Rutkowski of UFO fame, sent me a rather scary story so without further ado, here it is:

My Darling!

By Chris A. Rutkowski

“My darling! I love you!” said the man.

                  “No, you don’t,” she said to him. “It’s impossible!”

                  “But I do!” he replied. “More than ever!”

                  She laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous! You’re just infatuated with me!”

                  “Oh, my sweet! Even this infatuation is bliss to me!”

                  She rolled her eyes. “Listen, you stupid git! I let you in my house tonight to finally get rid of you once and for all! I know that I never should have asked that witch for a spell to make you love me in the first place. That’s the last time I go on Kijiji!”

                  He wept. Real tears. “But my Beauty, I have longed to be with you every minute of every day, pledging my love for you!”

                  “Yeah, you’ve  been dogging me every day for the past three months since I snuck into your apartment and got some of your hair from your brush for the potion. How was I to know how potent it was? You’ve been calling and texting me every day since then, usually fifty times a day!”

                  She put her hands on her hips and stood over his prone form on her living room carpet. “But enough!” she declared proudly. “That tea that I made for you and watched you drink was laced with pure cyanide that I managed to sneak out of the chemistry lab at work today when I tricked you and left by another door. And even then, you were back here on the porch within an hour anyway.”

                  “I was in agony, being so far from you,” he said, his voice wavering. “I felt my heart reaching to you across space and time, and I followed its pull to your door.”

                  “Things were much, much better when you were ignoring me in the supermarket,” she said angrily. “I realized I didn’t need you in my life after all!”

                  Even in his weakness, he gazed up at her passionately. “No, no, I still love you! I love you more and more, even as I feel the world spinning around me.”

                  He began gasping for breath. “Please—hold me in your arms! The room is—getting dim!”

                  “Hold you!” she guffawed. “Why, I’ve done everything I can to avoid you for weeks! You’ve driven me absolutely crazy with your constant clamouring and hanging onto me whenever I tried to leave my home!”

                  She strode around his sprawled legs so she could look down directly into his ashen, but still enraptured face. “Why I ever thought you were the right guy for me, I’ll never know! Before that love potion, you barely even gave me the time of day when we met at the bus stop every day. Whatever possessed me to ask that weird old woman for the strongest spell she had?”

                  “I can barely see your lovely features any more, my love!” he breathed, straining to speak, and squinting his glossy eyes. “I want to be with you forever!”

                  “Who needs that kind of love?” she spat.

                  “But—I don’t want to leave you!” he moaned, but then he breathed his last.

                  “Finally!” she exclaimed.

                  Slowly and methodically, as she had planned for weeks, she rolled his lifeless body in the carpet, then dragged it down the hall into the attached garage. It’s a good thing she had kept up her membership in the gym, because she was easily able to get the carpet and its occupant into her SUV through the side sliding door.

                  Under cover of darkness, she drove to the gravel pit on the east side of town. She used rope to tie the carpet tightly around the body, then used large pieces of rebar and cement blocks to weigh it down before dropping it into the deep pond at the centre of the pit.

                  “Good riddance!” she exclaimed.

                  She drove home and started planning how she would dispose of the van in the coming days, to cover her tracks.

                  She arrived back at her house and immediately went into her living room. She listened carefully. The room was silent.

                  “Hooray!” she shouted. “No more annoying guy to bug me! I’m free at last!”

                  She quickly walked into her bedroom and lay down.

                  “Finally, some sleep!” she sighed with a smile.

                  “But my darling! I love you and now I can be with you forever!” said his ghost, beside the bed. “The spell was strong enough to conquer even death!”

                  She screamed, and screamed again, until she could scream no more.

I guess the moral of this story is, be careful what you wish for! lol

On Sunday, Chris will be my interviewee so you can find out more about how his mind works and ask him things I may not have thought of but questions you may have after reading this! lol

I’m still open to accepting stories or links if you have something to share. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂