Scary October, Day 14

It’s another Off The Wall Sunday Interview day, everyone! Today, I am pleased to introduce another of my writer’s group, Cas Courcelle. If you dropped by on Friday, I posted a taste of her story Down Dark Deep. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Hi, Cas! Welcome to my blog. Please introduce yourself. 🙂

Hi—I’m Cas Courcelles

How long have you been a writer?

My grandmother told me she remembered me writing stories before I knew how to read or write. And I do remember very carefully writing a letter to my parents when I was in the hospital. I was four and not especially precocious—I scrawled a series of loops that I was convinced were the words I wanted to say. (I asked Dad to paint my bedroom pink and blue.)

Why do you think you became a writer?

Simply put, I like to daydream.

Haha! Don’t we all?

What does your writing process look like? Where, when, how (computer, pen/paper or both) do you write?

I use a computer now—the keyboard lets me keep up with my thoughts, something that was very hard to do when I wrote my first book by hand. And I don’t have to worry about deciphering my handwriting later on. Also, I need solitude—and solitaire. Keeps me focused.

Down Dark Deep

Have you written any other scary stories besides Down Dark Deep?

‘Tickle Games’ is pretty scary and gruesome in parts—there’s an axe murdering serial killer on the loose—but it’s really a suspense novel. (It’ll join Down Dark Deep on Amazon within the next couple of months.)

I thought Down Dark Deep was plenty scary enough for me! 🙂

Is this a genre in which you normally write?

I  like to write suspense, but I could do horror in the future. Who knows what might inspire me?

What compelled you to write Tickle Games and Down Dark Deep?

I got tired of being nice. (I used to write Harlequin Romances.)

Then this is quite a departure from your usual type of story! 🙂

Do you normally read stories in this genre? If so, what is it about these types of stories that you like?

I have read many suspense novels, but not so much in the horror genre. But a good story is a good story, although I want to be engrossed, not grossed out.

Ah, a girl after my own heart! 🙂

Would you like to share any social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc) where we can find you?

I have a Facebook page under Cas Courcelles.

I’m on Twitter under the same name.  

Also, you can check out my author page at

In closing, is there anything more you’d like to say?

Read lots, write more!

Always good advice! Thanks for joining us here, today, Cas! 🙂