Scary October – Day 16

Today, in keeping with the ‘Scary October’ theme, began as a rather spooky day. It’s not that often we get fog in my city, but this was a significantly foggy day, not a complete blanket, but visibility was reduced considerably. As I walked to work, I was struck by how muted the traffic sounded. The bird chatter in the trees as I passed beneath them sounded like worried old women clicking their tongues. Monster eyes gleamed through mist becoming car headlights while tail lights became angry demons as they approached stop signs.

It reminded me of another foggy day in Hawaii where my hubby and I spent our first Christmas as husband and wife. After touring around Oahu for a week, we flew over to Maui. On a bright sunny day, we decided to travel to the top of the dormant volcano, Haleakala, which is over 10,000 feet high. When we left the condo, it was hot and sunny, so we wore shorts and T-shirts and sandals. We followed the winding, hair-pin turns up the narrow trail to the top. The minute we stepped out of the rental car we regretted not wearing long-sleeves and jeans and jackets. There were pockets of ice crystals at the top, but what a fantastic view! We could see the tops of some of the other islands and the clear aquamarine-coloured water. It was definitely a gorgeous sight!

On the way down, however, we traveled through some low-flying clouds. Now THAT was a blanket-like fog! We were so afraid we’d meet a tour bus coming up that narrow trail and be forced off the edge of the cliff! It was a little hair-raising not being able to see the road ahead of us but, fortunately, we made it down without incident.

After experiencing fog close-up, it’s no wonder people’s imaginations run wild and horror movies such as John Carpenter’s 1980 film The Fog or the 2007 movie The Mist based on Stephen King’s novella were such box-office hits. It’s easy to be afraid when you can’t see a foot in front of you! That’s why I used this as a spooky element in Withershins. It provided the perfect medium to instill a little fear in my character and bring suspense to the reader, since no one really knows what lurks just out of reach. (Mwaa-ha-ha!)

How do you feel about foggy weather? 🙂