Scary October #17 – Spooky Crafty Wednesday

Hi, Everyone!

With the month more than half over, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this Halloween and carving pumpkins is usually a big part of that. As I was perusing some of the backlog of posts for blogs I follow, I came across Tim Kane’s post on pumpkin carving. Since it is Wednesday and I haven’t posted any Crafty Wednesday posts since my flash drive (containing my scrapbook pictures) died, I thought I’d include the link to his blog. Tim gives some good advice about what the best tools of the trade are, so if you like to carve out those Halloween pumpkins, pop on over to his blog and you might pick up some pointers on how to create the best Jack-o-lantern ever! 🙂

Carving pumpkins has been an annual craft in our house since my kids were old enough to hold the plastic carving tools. Our skill levels have grown, as they have, and we’ve attempted many different kinds of pumpkin patterns over the years. Years ago, I picked up a Pumpkin Masters Pattern & Instruction Book, so we could try out some non-traditional carving. I copied the patterns onto tracing paper and I even came up with a few patterns, myself. They were really cool and my kids were so proud of their work. I recently discovered that they have a free site for Jack-o-lantern patterns and have included the link here.

For all you pumpkin-lovers out there, I hope your creations turn out just awesome! 🙂