Scary October – Day 21

Since it’s Sunday, here’s another interview. This time, I am speaking with another of my writer’s group, Evelyn Woodward. I posted an excerpt from her story The Way of the Kyma on Friday. If you haven’t read it you can catch it here. She has published 3 books, all found on Amazon. Please welcome her.

Hi, Evelyn! Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Flin Flon, Manitoba. This is a place named after a character in a Science Fiction novel. Seems like a good start. I have had a diverse career that focused on research and laboratories. I have taught science in high school. I worked on pollution solutions for chemical waste in the fertilizer industry. I worked in quality control at the pregnant mare’s urine plant (so much urine – so much progesterone). I did statistical studies to determine whether deer should be hunted again. And I worked in a Mental Hospital, drawing blood and doing analysis in the lab. These are just jobs. But with each job I had, I learned more about people and what makes them tick.

Product Details How long have you been a writer?

I started putting the stories that lived in my head onto paper about twenty five years ago. My daydreams are weird and fantastic. Sometimes they make good stories.

Why do you think you became a writer?

Out of loneliness. I was tired with two children in diapers and no one to talk to. In order to get everything that was bottled up inside of me out, I had to write it down. But I can’t seem to journal very well. It is too personal. So, I wrote fiction. For all the people who hurt me, I burned their town to the ground in a story that will never be published. It did take away all the anger and confusion and made me realize that I’m actually a pretty good writer and I have something to say.

Remind me never to cross you. I’m not sure I’d like to be a villain in one of your stories! lol

What does your writing process look like? Where, when, how (computer, pen/paper or both) do you write?

I sit on my bed with a notebook and write with coloured pens. I change colour each day so I can keep track of my daily progress. I am still most creative in green.

Product DetailsI wonder if green is usually linked with creativity.
What scary stories have you written?

My stories are more weird than scary, but there is scary in everything.

So true!

In what genre do you normally write?

I write whatever comes to mind. It can be placed in a genre once it is done. Most of my stuff would be considered fantasy, I think.

What compelled you to write a horror story?

A challenge.

Do you normally read horror stories? If so, what is it about these types of stories that you like?

I read Stephen King because he is a good writer. His stories are not always the greatest, but he can touch something inside of you and cause a reaction.

Would you like to share any social media sites where we can find you?


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In closing, is there anything more you’d like to say?

I write about the world around us in the here and now. I just add a what if? 

What if healers really exist and we could learn how to do what they do? 

What if ghosts are in need of someone to send them to the Gate and whatever happens next? 

What if some aliens are stupid and only find their way here because they paid their way?

What if the invisible person that a mental patient is talking to can be seen by more than just her?


All interesting questions and I know more than one of these have been put into stories. Thanks, Evelyn for taking the time to chat with us, today. 🙂

For anyone looking for true entertainment, check out Evelyn’s books. Click on the pics of her books for the links and story info. Thanks for joining us today. 🙂