Too much cyberspace

Hi, folks! Sorry I have been a little delinquent with my visits to blogs and posting blogs myself. I’ve been busy with 2 book signings, 2 Writer’s Guild board meetings, 1 Writer’s Union meeting, 1 writers group meeting (and a partridge in a pear tree! lol). That doesn’t include all the social events I’ve been involved with, a shopping trip through the Craft Show when it came to town, Tai Chi, card-making and trying to catch up on some ‘real book’ reading. To top it all off, I guess blogging every day last month took its toll and I’ve just found that all the reading I do on my computer has been very hard on my eyes. I will try to get over to visit all of you soon. In the meantime, here’s a photo of me reading that I took for a promotional thing my publisher was doing on Facebook.

Hope you are all doing well and that those of you who are attempting NaNoWriMo are managing to keep up your word counts. 🙂