Write A Story With Me

It’s been a while since I mentioned ‘Write A Story With Me‘, but for those of you who are interested, Part 26 (mine) is now up and running on Jennifer Eaton’s site.

There have been several different story lines going on:

– the fairy story with Jenelle and Janosc, queen and brother of the queen, who have gone off in different directions

– Marci’s story where she has picked a leaf from the Gleaming Tree and given it to the fairies, but was seen by her malicious sister, Bethany, who has poisoned Marci, unknowingly causing all kinds of trouble for their father

– the forgotten older sister who has become a soldier and is currently following her father’s ship with the sick Marci inside

– and the pregnant mother who’s going into labour while her entire family is off on a secret mission with their enemy, the fairies, to save Marci and she cannot risk The Establishment finding out. What will she do?

To catch up on everyone else’s bit of the story, head on over to Jennifer’s website, where she has listed all the participants with their stories. Here’s the latest installment, written by me:

Jenelle had heard rumors that ‘the girl who brought us the leaf’ was in trouble. After completing her first round of queenly duties, albeit reluctantly, she now had the chance to slip away and see things for herself. If she could do something to help, she needed to repay her debt.

Heading straight for Marci’s window, she eased the unlocked casement forward just enough to squeeze through into the dark room. It appeared no one was home.

Suddenly, Jenelle heard a moan coming from the parents’ room. She peeked in and saw Natalia on the floor beside her bed, holding her huge belly. Understanding dawned and Jenelle hurried out the window to the home of an elderly woman down the street. Morana was old enough to remember the before-time, old enough to know the fae folk were not the enemy The Establishment believed them to be. She was also a midwife.

“Sorry to disturb you on this blustery night,” Jenelle whispered in Morana’s ear.

The old woman rose, rubbing her arthritic joints. She reached for her glasses on the nightstand and peered at the glowing figure before her.

“What is it, my dear?” Morana asked in creaky voice.

“I need you to help someone in trouble and, please, don’t ask any questions or tell anyone what you’ve done.”

The old woman nodded as Jenelle helped her into her cloak. With a few words, Jenelle wove a spell into the fabric so Morana would not be seen by the night patrol.

Please drop by next week to see what happens next. I can’t wait! 🙂


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