Sunday Interview – reruns & C4 Lit Fest

I’m sorry if you came by expecting to read an exciting NEW interview, but I hope you will enjoy this blog post just as much. 🙂

Being a writer gives one many opportunities to share their passion with other aspiring writers. Such was the case this weekend (hence, no time to set up an interview). I was asked to participate in the first annual (we hope) C4 Lit Fest. The ‘C4’ stands for Central Canada Comic Con, of which this is a branch, that deals directly with and for writers. Before I say another word about it, I want to thank Rhiannon Paille for all the time and effort she put in to make this an awesome weekend. THANKS SO MUCH, RHI! She managed to pull together a terrific group of writers and plug them into some fascinating workshops, panels & discussions.

The Rising

Many speakers were local writers. There were a couple of book bloggers and our special guest (drumroll please!), KELLY ARMSTRONG! Some were authors I have already interviewed: Craig Russell (The Black Bottle Man), Chadwick Ginther (Thunder Road) and Gabriele Goldstone (The Kulack’s Daughter). [If you don’t remember, or are reading my blog for the first time and want to learn about these Manitoba authors, click on their names to take you to my interviews of them.]

In addition to meeting those writing friends, I got the names and contact info of several more authors that I want to interview in the future, including Rhiannon Paille, author of The Ferryman & the Flame series as well as the C4 event’s organizer. I met a teen author and a self-publisher, too. My panels went pretty well, for the most part, and I think everyone who took part had a lot of fun. I even sold a few books! 🙂

I promise to go into more details later in the week. I took lots of pictures that will take time to process before I can download them into this blog and co-ordinate them with interviews and book reviews. You see, the card reader we have in which my camera’s SD card fits isn’t compatible with my MAC. As a result, I have to Photoshop each picture I take using our older PC, reduce the image so it is a more acceptable size to import and share on-line. Then, I must save it on my thumb drive, bring it to my laptop and finally download it into my posts. Gotta love the older incompatible technologies! I guess I have to sell more books so I can afford an i-Pad or something! lol

Anyway, consider this C4 Lit Fest – PART ONE. Stay tuned for PART TWO. 🙂