I’ve become a foodie!

Since I haven’t had the chance to think up interview questions for those who showed an interest because of one thing or another (including the fact I feel a little brain-dead, these days), I thought I would tell you about a new feature my friend Linda and I have been considering. She actually got around to posting hers,  so thought I should do my part. You can read what she had to say about our outing here.

Last year, Linda introduced me to her Tai Chi instructor and now I try to join her every other Friday morning for a lesson. It’s been a wonderful experience, helping me loosen up some very tight muscles and help my balance, which has been getting poorer as I age. After an hour of Tai Chi, we have really worked up an appetite, so we head for a local restaurant. We’ve been trying the cuisine at a variety of places and discussed writing a blog post about our experiences. The last few times, we forgot to take pictures of our meal before digging into the delicious food, but last Friday, we remembered.

We decided to check out a little place called the Bonfire Bistro. It’s located at 1433 Corydon here in Winnipeg. They are open for lunch between 11:30-2:30 and close for a couple of hours in the afternoon to prepare for the dinner crowd. The reason for its name is the small wood-burning fireplace where they cook their pizzas. The portions were generous, delicious and reasonably priced.

Their specialty is pizza, but unfortunately I had planned to make pizza for dinner that night so passed. I will have to return and try it at a later date because I found myself drooling over Linda’s Daily Special – a meat pizza and salad combo:


Doesn’t that look appetizing?


I decided to have the Garden Salad with several types of lettuce, sweet currents and pecans. The dressing was a balsamic vinaigrette and it came with a side of crostini. This was just a half salad and I found it filling. The ladies at the table next to us ordered the regular size and shared.

After chatting for quite some time, we were tempted to try something from their dessert menu. Linda chose the Pear and Apple Crisp. She says the caramel topping tasted more like butterscotch.



I chose the chocolate creme brule, which was pretty decadent. The top was crunchy burned sugar with a thick chocolate mousse base. I loved it.

Have you tried any new restaurants lately? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

14 comments on “I’ve become a foodie!

  1. Oooh nice! That food looks so good!
    We have quite a few good restaurants around here, and quite a few pubs that do really good pub food too. I recently had one of the best chicken parmigiana’s I’ve ever had at a pub, was so good! 🙂

  2. Wait, wait, wait… CHOCOLATE creme brule?! Oh, now there’s something I’ll have to try!

    This looks like fun! I often take pictures of special meals that I have, even if they’re few and far between. It’s a great way to remember how delicious they were and how much fun you had at the meal. Your food looked yummy! Yeah, if I were you, I’d go back to try the pizza, too, because that one looks delicious!

    • I agree with you! I will definitely have to go back to try their pizza. It is fun to try new places and new foods. I know it’s hard with a houseful of little ones, but I hope you get the chance to break away more often to try the fine cuisine in your part of the world, too. 🙂

  3. This looks SO good, withershins! I’ve a sudden desire to ransack the refrigerator. Last night we went out to a Cinco de Mayo celebration at a local Mexican restaurant. They had an all-you-can-eat taco bar and live music. It was fun, too.

    • What fun! Coincidentally, we had tacos for dinner last night, too, only they were just the homemade kind.

      I know how pics of delicious food can steer us to the cupboard or fridge on the prowl for something just as good! Hope I wasn’t too much temptation for you! lol

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