WordPress Family Award

The wonderful Jenny Keller Ford from the Dreamweaver’s Cottage has been kind enough to nominate me for the WordPress Family Award. Thanks so much Jenny, for thinking about me and my little blog, here!


Anyway, she has a few questions she would like me to answer. You’ll find my answers in blue.

1. Have you ever eaten a bug? Not that I was aware.
2. Have you ever been bitten by a horse? Not a horse but a horsefly! Ouch!
3. Have you ever ridden an elephant/camel? I rode an elephant at a small circus with my kids when they were quite young.
4. Have you ever made a wish upon a star and it came true? Not that I can remember.
5. Shoes or bare feet? Bare feet – except outside in winter! It’s dang cold up here in the frozen north, but I’m always barefoot in the house.
6. How old were you when you got/gave your first kiss? Fifth grade in a small snow fort in the school yard with a cute little British boy. Boy, did I get teased for that! Loved his accent, though, and still do! lol
7. Your favourite sound in the world? A young child’s belly laugh.
8. Your favourite smell? Cinnamon buns baking.
9. Paper books or e-books? Paper, most definitely.
10. Happiest moment of your life? A triple tie between wedding day & the births of my two kids. On my wedding day I was happy to the point of tears because I had waited four years from the time he first proposed and my kids’ births, well, I think that’s self evident. 🙂

The WordPress family is so huge, with such an amazing bunch of bloggers, it’s hard to choose who deserves the award more when there are far too many. The list would probably be a mile long! So, for those of you WordPress users who would like to answer the same questions as Jenny asked me, or any combination of the 10, please be honored to participate. Just let me know if you have blogged about it and provide me with a link so I can come by and read your answers – or you can answer the ones you like in the Comments section.

Have a wonderful Monday! 🙂