Crafty Wednesday – reno update

Sorry I missed last week’s Crafty Wednesday post. I’m still struggling with the reno of the craft room and office. All that while still trying to create cards for people on a TV table in the rec room, which is really beginning to look like a wreck, with scrapbook supplies spilling into it and over furniture, while I rearrange things in my craft room.

The good news is my office is starting to look usable. I have a new desk. I have brought up the bookshelf from the craft room that held all my research materials, as well as three of my two-drawer file cabinets. Today, I went to Canadian Tire and bought shelves for the office along with the brackets and all the hardware. Now, all I have to do is put them up, but thought I’d take a break and let you know what I’ve been doing. Here is what the spare room looked like before I started:

spare room1 before

spare room2 before

Here’s what it looks like with my new desk in it:

new desk

new desk & tall bookshelf

I moved the small bookshelf over to the end of the bed, as you can see.

In addition to the shelving for the office, I also purchased the starter kit for the Mastercraft Easy Install Wall Storage System.

This is just the picture on the box. I haven't installed it yet.

This is just the picture on the box. I haven’t installed it yet.

While it was essentially designed to help organize garage walls, my Close To My Heart representative and instructor has this system in her craft room and it looks marvelous.

crafts room before

Craft room before

I am in the process of rearranging the desk and tables in the craft room so that I will have more wall space to set it up.

I've detached corner shelf and trying to pull back computer desk.

I’ve detached corner shelf and trying to pull back computer desk.

I’m also removing the corner shelf which, to me, always seemed to be a waste of space. The desktop computer isn’t working so I need to unhook it and get it out of this space, but I’m not sure about how the printer & router is involved so will have to wait until Hubby can assist me!

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I should go and figure out how to install the shelves on the office wall!