Crafty Wednesday – reno update

Sorry this post is so late in the day. I was still trying to get things put in their places. Then I had to take pictures and process them so they wouldn’t be too big to insert in to the post. There is still a bit of organizing to do, but most things have a home, now.

desk & hutch on right

We’ll start with the craft room, since this is Crafty Wednesday, after all. Last weekend, Hubby and Son helped me move the furniture, which was no easy task! Since we couldn’t afford to buy new furniture, we simply re-used what we already had. Unfortunately, the bigger pieces are particle board and a second-hand set, at that – and they were heavy! They were so heavy, in fact, that when we tried to drag the long table along the carpet, both ends broke away from the top and Hubby had to add strips of wood to re-attach them. Once the long desk was sturdy, again, we were able to move it from the end wall, to the side wall beside the desk, giving me some lovely wall space.

table left side

hutch left side

We moved the other long table to the opposite side. With the hutches atop the long tables, I have lots of shelf space. Add to that the under-table drawer units, small bins and a roll-away paper holder, I managed to give all my craft supplies a home.

ribbon storagemore wall storage

I love my new wall storage spaces, although I think I need to get more hooks for ribbon storage and maybe a couple of shelves &/or bins to put more paper, etc. on the right hand wall.

beside door

The corner by the door where the tall bookshelf used to be is much more open now, with room for my laminator and comb binder, as well as the tall drawer set where I store buttons, Christmas stamps and extra embellishments.

Since I already showed you my new desk in my office space, I’ll show you the shelves we put up along the opposite wall above the low file cabinets.

dresser with 3D puzzlesStarting by the window, there’s the dresser with some of my 3D puzzles. Above it, on the top shelves are all the fantasy-themed ornaments my family has given me over the years. The green globe was one my dad used as a kid. It’s interesting to look at the African continent to see some sections labelled as ‘unexplored’. In addition to the fantasy stuff, I am also fascinated by the Asian cultures. The Chinese couple shown here are from my grandparents. I always loved to see them on their shelves when I went to visit and I’m happy to showcase them on my own shelves, now. Next to them is an eagle in flight, and my two book characters, Owl & Bear, in stuffed form.

shelves above dresser

In the middle section, you’ll notice a stack of binders. They contain all the stories, novel-length and shorts, that I’ve created over the past almost 20 years or so. Some are finished, others still need endings. The picture in the middle was painted by a friend’s dad just for me because he knew how much I liked the look of old buildings. Sadly, he has passed away, so we won’t be able to enjoy any more of his wonderful creations. The Polar Bears stand on crystal shards that light up.

Owl & Bear

The shelves closest to the door hold a more modern version of the world, although it’s still about 20 years old. It was a globe we got for the kids, when they were small. On the shelf below it, you’ll notice a copy of Spirit Quest, with Withershins peeking out from behind it. To the right of my books are books on how to write mysteries. To the left are all my resources when I want to include some French in my stories.

Well, I think that’s about it for the reno, except for drapes in the office (they’re on back-order). I still have some things left over that need to be sorted and filed, but eventually, everything will be organized – I hope! Thanks for dropping by to see what changes we’ve made. Maybe these photos will help inspire you when you want to renovate your craft or office space. 🙂