Foodie Post # 2 – Chez Sophie

A couple of months ago, my friend and I decided to try out a restaurant close to our Tai Chi class, Chez Sophie at 248 avenue de la Cathédrale. This small neighbourhood restaurant was one I’d been to on occasion because my in-laws lived nearby. Chez Sophie is known for their pizza, but also their French cuisine.


I was quite surprised by their decor when I walked in the door. It’s changed a lot since the last time I was there. Above you’ll see a shot of the take-out window.



By the door was a cabinet with assorted jewelry items and at the back were the menu boards with the daily specials. My friend and I sat along the window side which gave a view of the quiet Avenue de la Cathédrale.

The menu is written both in English & in French. It is, after all, situated in the heart of Winnipeg’s French neighbourhood of St. Boniface. To begin with, the waitress brought us water, but not in the usual sort of jug. The water was in a wine bottle painted a beautiful egg-shell blue – very pretty.


I decided to try one of their Bistro Meals, which includes soup, salad and bread. The soup of the day was Cream of Sweet Potato. It came on a board with a small loaf of bread on the side and a pat of butter.


I wasn’t sure I would like it, but found it to be absolutely scrumptious!  For the main dish, I chose the ‘croque monsieur du jambon’. It was basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich but the cheese was grilled on the outside of the bread and the middle was filled with a delicious béchamel sauce (a roux of butter & flour cooked in milk).


The salad that came with it was very flavourful, with garden fresh vegetables and a homemade Balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side – or to be more precise, in the centre!


My friend chose the Quiche of the Day, bacon & mushroom.


The portions were not too large, like in some restaurants where they are super-sized. They were absolutely perfect, leaving us room for dessert. We each chose the light and creamy Chocolate Mousse.

I took a quick peek at their dinner menu, which contained such selections as Salmon in cream sauce, Beef Bourguinon, Veal Cutlet, an assortment of pastas, as well as pizza. I think I will have to return in the evening with Hubby and try one of those enticing meals!

In addition to their neighbourhood restaurant, they have recently opened ‘la Crêperie du pont’, a small booth on the Esplanade Riel, the pedestrian part of the Provencher Bridge, where one can order crêpes, pancakes and waffles that can be topped with such delights as sugar, chocolate, jam, maple syrup, & honey.

Also, as I drove along the Provencher Bridge the other day, I noticed that the Salisbury House sign has been replaced by one that says Chez Sophie, so I imagine that, soon, we will be able to enjoy their wonderful meals while absorbing the fabulous river view atop the Esplanade Riel, in addition to their neighbourhood restaurant. I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

So, if you ever find yourself in the heart of the prairies (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) drop in and experience the fabulous meals at Chez Sophie! 🙂

9 comments on “Foodie Post # 2 – Chez Sophie

  1. That looks like a pretty impressive croque. In France the one with ham in is a Croque Monsieur and if it has a fried egg on top it is a Croque Madam. They vary hugely in quality but that one looks really delicious. hmm my mouth is watering 🙂

    • Ah, so that’s why it was called ‘croque monsieur’. Thanks for clearing it up!

      Yes, just thinking about that wonderful sandwich makes my stomach grumble for another taste. 🙂

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