My Weekend

In case you were wondering what I was up to this weekend and why I hadn’t posted anything, it was because I was out in the country helping friends. Hubby & Son helped our friend raise a steel out-building while I helped his wife with the cooking. Sounds like a regular old-fashioned barn raising, doesn’t it? Well, in fact, it was very similar, although I doubt you would have see a barn like this back in pioneer times!

Let me show you all the hard work the men-folk did:

Unfortunately, my impatient Hubby with the once-broken-now-arthritic ankles tried to climb a ladder to help with the bolt installation. My friend and I watched with trepidation as he inched his way up and held our breath as the ladder shifted. Before we could shout out to warn him, he was on the ground. He’s been hobbling around ever since and I hope he hasn’t re-broken his ankle or heel. He’s hoping it’s just bruised, but there might be tendon damage. We’ll have to wait and see how severe the injury is. If it still pains him tomorrow, we’ll be off to the doctor. 😦

Before Hubby took his plunge, I also took some fun clips of their new kittens, frolicking amongst themselves. They were very cute and reminded me of our Cat when he was small like them. 🙂

When I wasn’t watching the wee kitties, I was helping with the food – and not just the meals for the hard-working guys. It’s harvest time, which means canning. Yesterday, we scrubbed a huge pile of cucumbers. We canned a few jars, cut some up for meals and last night, my friend soaked some in alum to make into sweet mixed pickles.


The dills canned Saturday.

So, what was your weekend like?

7 comments on “My Weekend

    • Thanks, Cheri! Fortunately, it’s just a sprained ankle. He should be full recovered within 10 days. If not, he’ll be back to the clinic.

      Glad you like my choice of music. 🙂

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