Friday Review

A Turn Of Light

Well, I am officially in love with Marrowdell, the setting for Julie Czerneda’s A Turn of Light! Oh, yes, and the toads. I’ve always liked frogs, but Julie’s ‘Little Cousins’ are loyal, stoic, and courageous. Each household in Marrowdell has a house toad to stand guard for them, and I think all homes should have one, even here in the real world. 🙂

Julie sucked me into her fantasy just by hinting at its historical aspects. In the beginning, wandering along with Jenn, I was entranced by the mill, the town well, and all the quaint pioneer homes. There were hints that made me believe that the sleepy little valley was not all it appeared. Then came the arrival of the truthseer with his not-horse and faithful companion, Tyr. Bannon noticed things that others did not see, or preferred to ignore.

As a writer myself, I must commend Julie for her perfect descriptions and clever story progression. The magical qualities and beings were not revealed all at once. Like a mystery novel, certain pertinent bits of information were dropped like pebbles in the woods, marking a path to follow before arriving at one’s destination. Even the characters, themselves, did not fully comprehend the depth of the dangers and wonders around them or the consequences of what certain actions might bring down upon them. Jenn learned her lessons the hard way.

As with most coming-of-age stories, A Turn of Light explores the impulsiveness and carelessness of youth. Jenn Nalynn hated wearing shoes and avoided her chores whenever possible, often escaping to her meadow where she dreamed of leaving her home and travelling the world. (Sounds like most teenagers, right?) The closer she came to her nineteenth birthday, the more she realized her dream might never be realized. She must learn to cope with the changes that could destroy her, make an important decision about her upcoming wedding, and learn how to save the home she loved.

I hope you all get the chance to visit Marrowdell. I know I can’t wait to return there when Julie’s next book comes out. For those of you who missed my interview of Julie Czerneda, please read it here. I hope that all who live in Canada & the U.S. have a wonderful Labour Day weekend – and may the rest enjoy your shorter weekend as well. It’s the perfect time to forget about chores, like Jenn Nalynn, and indulge in the fantastic world of Marrowdell! 🙂