Buttermilk, just for Mike (and my other blogging buddies, of course)

While quickly perusing Facebook this morning, I noticed a friend had posted a video about Buttermilk, an energetic and adorable little goat. I immediately thought of fellow blogger, Mike Allegra, who LOVES goats. His blog, Heylookawriterfellow, is always worth the read. Whether he’s discussing actors-turned-writers or setting up doodle contests, his posts are always a delight. He’s also a published children’s author. After extensive research on the woman who began a crusade to celebrate the first Thanksgiving, Sarah Gives Thanks was born.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the video that inspired this post:



Hope you enjoyed the show! 🙂


I’ve been cyber-hibernating

Have you ever found it difficult to get back into your daily routine after an extended holiday? Well, following the Christmas break, I went into turtle mode, tucking myself inside my shell, ignoring most things on the internet and my in-box on my computer. I can’t say I’ve done anything useful to replace all the time I used to spend reading blog posts and Facebook comments, except to admit I got hooked on a particular game I downloaded on my Hubby’s new iPad.

Yes, I have to admit, my name is Susan and I am a game-a-holic. It all started out innocently enough. Hubby went to a work-sponsored poker tournament and came home with a brand new iPad Air. He’s not much of a techno-geek, and neither am I, really, but he asked me if I could get the thing set up for him. I was a little nervous, at first, afraid I’d do something wrong and crash the device, but it was actually pretty simple. Since he wasn’t around to consult with when it came to setting passwords, etc. I came up with things I thought he’d find easy to remember.

All seemed fine until Grandson came for a visit. In anticipation of our precious little whirlwind, I thought I’d check out a few simple apps that might hold his attention for more than a nanosecond. There were a few free Disney games – or at least, a taste of them – and one that completely hooked me: Nemo’s Reef. I suppose it’s like the Farm games where you collect animals and feed them, except this one immersed the gamer in the wonderful colours found under the sea, with relaxing Caribbean-style music. I found myself tapping the screen thousands of times a day, harvesting ‘sand dollars’ and ‘algae’ from the corals and other living flora I planted. The sand dollars were used to buy the plants, the algae was used to feed new plants as well as the fish I collected. It became a total obsession, I am ashamed to say. I even went so far as to create a list of all the fish and when I last fed them because I had collected so many that I was having trouble keeping track of them! I finally realized I couldn’t possibly keep up with all those hungry fish unless I was tapping the screen 24/7. A few days ago, I deleted the game and feel so much better – and I’m finally getting stuff done around here!

So, I apologize that I haven’t been around to read any of your wonderful blogs. I have missed a lot, I’m sure, and I will try to catch up. That, however, might take awhile as I have about 4500 unread messages (mostly blog post announcements) in my in-box, right now. Please forgive my total lapse in judgement and I promise to be a better blogger. 🙂

However, I may have to make a quick trip out to visit a sick friend in Edmonton in the next few weeks, which might set back my blog reading, again. I assure you that’s not just an excuse to return to the game. My lifelong friend with MS has been suffering with some minor brain aneurisms, causing short term memory loss and, as of the past few days, some aphasia and paralysis along her right side. I want to get the chance to see her before things get worse (although I pray that won’t be the case) and, maybe, having me there will help in her recovery.

See you all on the flip side! 🙂